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Photo courtesy of Kelleth Cuthbert

Your favourite section is back! Read Fashion Studio Magazine exclusive interviews with models, photographers, and fashion designers.

Barney Cheng - Hong Kong-based fashion designer famous for his luxurious evening gowns.
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Guo Pei - One of China's top fashion designers. Living and working in Beijing.
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Somarta - Japanese brand by Tamae Hirokawa, a graduate of the famous Bunka Fashion College. Based in Tokyo.
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Torgo - Luxury label founded by Bold Ochirjantsan. From Ulan Bator, Mongolia.
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Melissa Rodwell - Fashion photographer based in NYC, US.
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Shamim de Varax - Fashion & beauty photographer from Melbourne, Australia.
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Farah Zulaikha - International model, socialite and humanitarian.
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Beth Jones - Stylist & fashion blogger from California, US.
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Anna Bours / Dollhouse - Fashion illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain.
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Rossella Vanon - Fashion & beauty photographer, London, UK.
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Rana Wehbe-Flinter - Fashion stylist based in Singapore.
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Elizabeth June - Model from Portland, US.
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Maya Murofushi - Model & actress from Tokyo, Japan.
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Natasha - Model and fashion designer from NYC.
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Liv Lo - Taiwanese fashion model based in Tokyo, Japan.
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Danielle Keenan - Model, stylist & fashion blogger from Oakland, US.
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Kersie Koh - Creative Director & Co-Founder of Clozette, Singapore.
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Chinedu Ukabam - Fashion designer based in Toronto, Canada.
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Paige Morgan - New York based model and makeup artist.
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Angel Colour - Fashion & beauty photographer from New York.
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Julia - Hair stylist from London, UK.
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Sandra Von Riekhoff - Fashion photographer from London, UK.
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Kevin Allen - Urbanity Chic founder & editor based in London, UK.
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Patrick Wack - French photographer living in China.
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Spiro Georges Mandylor - Artist, photographer, fashion blogger from Toronto, Canada.
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Bojana Sentaler - Fashion designer from Toronto, Canada.
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Arnaud Prevost - Award winning hair stylist from London, UK.
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A Pixel Studio - Fashion and portrait photographer from Bangkok, Thailand.
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Eliza Stegienka - Fashion photographer from Warsaw, Poland.
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Kelleth - Fashion model represented by Next Model Management, Toronto.
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Rusdi Sanad - Fashion photographer from Indonesia. 
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Timmy Chan - Fashion & beauty photographer from Hong Kong.
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Tara Wright - Model from Toronto, Canada.
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John Tan - Street fashion photographer from Singapore.
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Cherelle Quartey-Cofie - Co-founder of  Ak-Qua, London, UK.
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Victor (Studio 206) - Photographer from Philadelphia, US.
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Dulce Ruby - Fashion & commercial model from New York, US.
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Merve - Fashion designer from Toronto, Canada.
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Cameron Carpenter - Fashion stylist from New York.
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Sulaimi Brookman - Fashion designer from Birmingham, UK.
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Patrick Brassard - Fashion photographer from New York.
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Phoenix James (aka Phenzwaan) - Actor, model, writer, author & poet from London, UK.
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Express Oh! - Underwater photographer from Singapore.
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Ian Howard - Freelance photographer from London, UK.
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Roxanne Wright - Fashion model and actress from Toronto.
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Lena Ker - Fashion illustrator from Russia.
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Occupation: Model
City: New York, US

Bad Habits, LA. Photo by Kenny Sweeney

FASHION STUDIO: What do you love most about modelling?

DULCE: I love meeting new people. It's always great to find others within your field that you can relate to and really build a strong relationship with.

FASHION STUDIO: You worked for some big brands like L'Oreal, Nintendo, and Bank of America. What do you consider your biggest achievement so far?

DULCE: My biggest achievement I think thus far would have to be booking the Marc Ecko Time Campaign.  I really enjoyed the crew and it was my first REALLY big ad campaign, so it was definitely special.

FASHION STUDIO: What are your strengths as a model?

DULCE: Hmm, that's a toughie. I would have to say emotion. The ability to show it through the eyes is a key trait a model should posses and it is definitely my strength at the moment.

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe your personal style? What kind of clothes do you wear most often?

DULCE: My personal style is somewhat relaxed casual. I love to get all dolled up and ready, but on a regular basis, I usually just wear jeans and a tank top with sneakers or boots. Modeling is somewhat like an acting career. You're built up to be this persona that you could or could not be in real life. It's fun, it's playing dress up, it's make believe all in one. You really get to step out of your comfort zone and create a character for each shoot. Personally, I think my style has adapted little by little from each shoot that I have done.

Marc Ecko/Timex Campaign; Photo by Hayes Hayes Photography

FASHION STUDIO: Who is the most stylish woman you know?

DULCE: The most stylish woman I know, or know of,  would have to be a fair answer. I have three that I adore, all from different eras and with different styles: Coco Chanel, Bianka Jagger, and Alexa Chung.

FASHION STUDIO: What is one item of clothing every woman should have in her wardrobe?

DULCE: A pair of comfy, form fitting jeans.

FASHION STUDIO: Your favourite trends for this season...
DULCE: Ah yes, the perfect question with Fashion Week amongst us. I would have to say my fave trends would have to be tail hems and the 60's comeback with lady-like dresses. Oh, and metallics: definitely one of my faves!

FASHION STUDIO: What is the key to looking sexy?

DULCE: Feeling comfortable in what you are wearing and being confident that you ARE sexy.

Photo by Franklin Thomson;
Makeup: Cassandra Renee
FASHION STUDIO: How to be confident?

DULCE: Know your strengths and your weaknesses and then, in turn, work on your weaknesses and display your strengths - proudly!

FASHION STUDIO: Your definition of beauty is...

DULCE: Beauty is finding something out of the norm and appreciating, accepting, and admiring it. I always find that the most awkward individuals are the most beautiful.

FASHION STUDIO: How do you take care of your skin? Have you got any favourite beauty products?

DULCE: At the moment, I have a pretty simple and affordable routine. I wake up in the morning and cleanse my face with Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser, which I dispense onto an exfoliating skin towel. Then with a cotton ball, I go over my face with Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2. Lastly, I just refresh with Evian Mineral Water spray.

FASHION STUDIO: The best compliment you've ever heard...

DULCE: Definitely has to be, "You are so beautiful" when in all reality I am feeling my worst, sick in sweat pants, no make up etc. That is really when it feels it's the best compliment because it is then when you least expect to hear it.

FASHION STUDIO: How do you spend your free time? What are you passionate about?

DULCE: I spend a lot of my free time on the computer, either writing or designing; definitely two of my passions. My biggest passion and something I really LOVE cooking. I love food and am actually in midst of Culinary Arts schooling :)

Photo by Colin Williams;
Styled by Kalidoscopio
FASHION STUDIO: Which photographers do you admire?

DULCE: I absolutely adore David LaChapelle and Terry Richardson's work. I certainly admire their vision - the ART! Honestly, there are A LOT of photographers I admire, most of which I have had the honor to work with and get to know on a personal level, so I guess I just named the two that came to mind that I have not yet met or worked with.

FASHION STUDIO: What would you like to achieve as a model?

DULCE: I would, as a model, like to achieve "cover girl" status. I have already reached this far in published book form, but I would really like to grace the cover of a well-known and respected magazine someday, AND SOON! That is truly my ultimate goal :)

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you. We're looking forward to seeing you on a cover soon and congratulations again on your Timex campaign.

By Eva Fydrych


Occupation: Model
Agency: Next Model Management
City: Toronto, Canada

FASHION STUDIO: How did you start modelling? Was it something you always dreamt about?

KELLETH: In 2007 a local photographer contacted me on MySpace, asking me to shoot. I had been toying with the idea of modeling for some time, but never really considered it a possibility. From a young age, I knew with absolute certainty that I would end up with a job in or related to the entertainment industry, regardless.

FASHION STUDIO: What does your typical day look like?

KELLETH: My schedule is so erratic from day to day that it seldom follows a predictable routine. My agenda is usually inked with a coalescence of castings, auditions and/or jobs (either commercial/editorial bookings or creatives for portfolio development). When I’m not on set, I spend a good deal of time responding to work-related emails, networking, following up on casting calls, and updating my online portfolios. I spend 6-7 evenings per week at the gym and usually end the day curling up on the couch with my kittens and a good book. 

Marc Anthony national ad campaign
Would you say being a model is glamorous? What are the good sides and bad sides of this profession?

KELLETH: The high level of production and teamwork that goes into creating a final image is not always glamorous but the end result usually is. The final product is an illusion, a fantasy (which in our culture is an absolute commodity). People outside of the industry do not always recognize where this illusion ends and the model begins. There are so many reasons why I love what I do. I love working with different people every day, I love interpreting the mood and feel of a garment, and I love telling a story through an image. The industry is competitive and critical, making a strong sense of self a staple for any model. The opportunities for travel and self-expression are rewarding.

FASHION STUDIO: Have you got a lot of friends in the fashion industry? Would you say true friendship between models is possible?

KELLETH: I’ve made some great connections and friendships within the industry. True friendship between models is absolutely possible. While modeling is highly competitive, bringing that sense of emulousness into personal relationships is gauche and unnecessary.

FASHION STUDIO: You also have some acting experience. How would you compare it to modelling? Is acting easier or more difficult?

KELLETH: With acting, the complexity and depth of a character is tenfold, but it is, in ways, infinitely more challenging to convey a story or idea through a still image.

Nua Swimwear; Photo by Nicole Vilela
FASHION STUDIO: How do you take care of your skin?

KELLETH: I exfoliate and cleanse twice daily, and moisturize. I make sure to keep well hydrated and am vigilant in removing all makeup before bed. And lots of sleep!

FASHION STUDIO: Your favourite shopping spots in Toronto?

KELLETH: I’ve been fortunate in inheriting a good deal of my wardrobe from local designers that I’ve worked with. For basic, more casual pieces, I love Black Market.

FASHION STUDIO: What type of clothes do you usually wear? How would you describe your style?

KELLETH: Think Nancy Spungen meets Bettie Paige. My wardrobe is 90% black. I love the simplicity and cleanliness of dark tones. I often accent everyday fabrics with latex or PVC pieces. The more impractical the shoe, the better! I am an absolute minimalist when it comes to accessorizing.

FASHION STUDIO: Which fashion designers do you admire?

KELLETH: As a kidI grew up admiring the theatrics of Thierry Mugler. I also love the eccentricity of Vivienne Westwood and the iconoclastic feel of Jean Paul Gaultier’s work.

FASHION STUDIO: What are your other interests besides modelling? How do you spend your free time?

KELLETH: Guitar, singing and songwriting have always been a huge part of my life. I also busy myself with dance classes (hip hop, latin, etc).

FASHION STUDIO: When you look in the mirror, what do you think?

KELLETH: There was a time where the mirror and I were one blurred amorphous being. I just try not to step through the looking glass anymore.

Artifice Clothing; Photo by Richard Dubois
FASHION STUDIO: How would you define happiness?

KELLETH: I’ve always been partial to Willa Cather’s definition, “to be dissolved into something completely great.”

FASHION STUDIO: Last book you read...

KELLETH: Sickened: The Memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy Childhood” by Julie Gregory

FASHION STUDIO: What are you future plans?

KELLETH: I hope to travel overseas and work commercially and editorially in as many markets as possible while continuing to pursue acting. I also plan to return to school to complete my Masters of Social Work degree and pursue a career as an addictions and mental health counsellor. 

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you. I hope you will achieve all your goals.

By Eva Fydrych



Occupation: Photographer
City: Philadelphia, US

FASHION STUDIO: How did you get into photography?

VICTOR: I didn't really start getting into photography until college. Before college, taking pictures was just something I did for fun but never thought anything of it beyond that. It was one of my professors that actually changed my perception of photography by simply asking: "Do you want to learn how to take better pictures?". After that, I pretty much fell in love with photography and I have been very passionate about it ever since.

FASHION STUDIO: What's the idea behind the Studio 206 blog?

VICTOR: My blog is pretty much just a huge collection of random things that either inspire me, make me laugh, or just song that was stuck in my head... I guess it's safe to say it pretty much shows off my personality through picture, sound and video. I also mix in behind the scene photos from my shoots and the final images as well... I also use it to promote artist that I find on the web also...

FASHION STUDIO: You work both in Philadelphia and NYC. How would you compare those two markets?

VICTOR: It's really tricky to say honestly. I work primarily in Philadelphia... Haven't really worked a whole lot in NYC but I also haven't really pushed for it as much as I probably should. I'm relatively new on the market as well... I just recently graduated from University this past May. I'm still building a bigger client base and the majority I have so far are in Philly.

FASHION STUDIO: What are the necessary skills to be a good photographer?

VICTOR: In my opinion, it's necessary for every photographer to have the ability to:
  • understand lighting. Lighting is the most important thing when it comes to making good pictures... aside from composition and subject... then you have to expose it correctly after that lol
  • be as good of a technician as you are an artist
  • have knowledge of past photographers as well as contemporary photographers. Knowing the history of photography is important in my opinion... as well as art history as a whole
  • be passionate... photography is something that comes from the heart... and as corny as that may sound, it's very true in my eyes.

FASHION STUDIO: How do you create a comfortable and fun atmosphere at a photoshoot?

VICTOR: It depends really... I've done shoots that were kind of serious and others where all we did was tell funny stories. Sometimes, I have the person I'm photographing bring a friend... I always play their music of choice... luckily I pretty much listen to everything, so usually I have whatever they want to hear. I've also been known to offer some wine or beer if we are shooting at my home studio... definitely gets rid of that edge. I'm always very friendly and kind as well, which definitely help make people feel more comfortable when working with me and I think that's important because it shows in the photographs.

FASHION STUDIO: Best photography book you've ever read...

VICTOR: Well, one of my favorite book is Helmut Newton's "A Gun For Hire"... I also love Robert Mapplethorpe's :Perfection In Form". There are several other photography books out there that I love as well...

FASHION STUDIO: What inspires you?

VICTOR: A lot of things inspire me... I pretty much shove them into my blog lol. But little random things in everyday life will spark an idea for a shoot at times... most of the time it's really hard to explain. My 3 tops most inspirational photographers are Helmut Newton, Irving Penn and Richard Avedon... I think it shows in my work as well.

FASHION STUDIO: Your most memorable shoot so far...

VICTOR: My most memorable shoot so far would definitely be this: one time I was asked to photograph the Dean of my college and when he came into the office, his first words were: "I'm not getting nude for this one." or something like that... basically it made me relax because I was super nervous... the photos were going to be used for his retirement, so my instructor telling me how important these photos were going to be... however, he didn't know what they were going to be used for, he thought he was just helping out the class.

FASHION STUDIO: Where do you see yourself in five years time? What are your goals?

VICTOR: Hopefully 5 years from now, I will be able to support myself off just my photography, although, I love my teaching career as well... so I wish for that to continue also. I would definitely love to have my studio fully built as well so I can open it for commercial use. But for now, I have to take it one date at a time until I reach my goal.

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you. I hope you will achieve it even sooner!

By Eva Fydrych



Occupation: Photographer
City: Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia and Jakarta/Indonesia

FASHION STUDIO: You are based in Kuala Lumpur, but you also travel to Jakarta and Bali on regular basis. Which place is best for fashion photography? And which inspires you most?

RUSDI: Bali is still the best place to have fashion photography. Bali inspires me the most. It is not because I was born in Bali but she’s original, authentic, her aura and environment are extremely breath taking. Despite the love for Bali, I’m an observant photographer. Give me the location and I will make it different on photographs.

FASHION STUDIO: How did you get interested in fashion? How would you define fashion photography?

RUSDI: Fashion is part of our lives. I love details that compliment basic things. How you actually dress defines your attitude. Fashion Photography is basically a photography genre that focuses on fashion yet delivers the message to the audiences about its awareness, beauty, clothing line, and even to simply advertise it.

FASHION STUDIO: Have you got any professional training? How did you start?

RUSDI: I have never been through any professional training, but I’m the type that loves to share. From there I inherited knowledge from other professionals as well. Industries create my style and experiences construct my skills. I became a professional photographer since 2007. I started with doing portrait and wedding shots. I then ventured into the fashion industry when I worked in one of the local fashion magazine in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2009. I distributed my works there regularly for few months until I moved back to Malaysia again.

In Malaysia itself, I’ve never done published work. My work focuses on catalog of boutique or clothing line and some portraits of famous artists or important people. At the same time, I am lecturing for the module of Degree in Photography, from University of East London (UK).

FASHION STUDIO: Do you remember your first photo shoot?

RUSDI: I remember it very well. My first ever commercial photo shoot was to shoot a catalogue for an Iranian Boutique flaunting their clothing line. It was the winter collections, and ironic enough the shooting was in Malaysia (year long summer). What I needed to do was finding the right location, color scheme, and timing. It was indeed an interesting photo shoot session especially seeing the MUA did the heaviest job because the model was sweating all the time (winter clothes on summer). But the team managed to make the client very pleased with the result. And that was indeed very pleasing.

FASHION STUDIO: What are your strong and weak points as a photographer?

RUSDI: My strength in photography would be that I photograph clean and detailed shots. Clean shots would be that photographs taken are tidy and mostly ready to view by clients at an instant. Detailing would mean that I’m really concerned of the particular location that supports the photo shoot concept.

My weak point will be my stubbornness. I’m very stubborn to put my taste into every photograph. I don’t want to lose my identity on every single photograph.

FASHION STUDIO: When shooting a model, how many good pictures do you usually get from one photo shoot?

RUSDI: Before shooting I would normally roughly plan my shoot by putting it into a storyboard. For 8 hours of photo shoot with one model and clothing line, I can only limit to 6 – 8 storyboards. Each storyboard I might get 3 – 5 frames. And of course in the end of the day I will choose each photo for each storyboard. Planning is very important. I can really set the quantity of pictures I would want to achieve.

FASHION STUDIO: What important fashion events are held in Malaysia and Indonesia? How would you describe those markets?

RUSDI: It would be the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week and Jakarta Fashion Week. The markets are developing considering that we’re not a leading fashion country but followers.

FASHION STUDIO: If you could choose any place to work in the world, what would it be?

RUSDI: I will absolutely choose New York. It’s a heaven for photography. Even though New York is a busy place but the cityscape is very fashionable. Every corner of the town is just wonderful. People there are not trying so hard to give an attitude and lifestyle.

FASHION STUDIO: How do you promote yourself as a photographer?

RUSDI: I don’t really promote myself on the Internet. I prefer the orthodox way of promoting myself. Prefers approaching agencies, expanding contacts with some important people and also doing exhibitions.

FASHION STUDIO: What are the biggest mistakes that new photographers make? What advice would you give them?

RUSDI: Their biggest mistakes would be that they do not master the very basic photography. In this digital era, they are just going nuts on editing. They don’t see the details and prepare the location. Trust me, clients still love to see direct results rather than explaining that you are going to edit this and that when you show them the photo on the location itself.

FASHION STUDIO: What equipment do you use?

RUSDI: Right now I’m using: EOS Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 24 – 85 mm f 3.5-4.5, Canon 85 mm f1.8, Flash Sb 600 with some lighting & accessories for studio purposes. But basically I’m not bothered with the DSLR brands to be used because sometimes client provides the equipments.

FASHION STUDIO: Biggest achievement so far...

RUSDI: To be able to build my own company from scratch, maintaining and seeing it grow rapidly. At the same time, lecturing to share my knowledge and experiences to the youngsters. I wish it would not stop here.

FASHION STUDIO: What projects are you currently working on?

RUSDI: Currently I’m working on a TVC for a local radio station. At the same time executing a music video for a Nigerian Singer as a Director and Director or Photography. This is an advantage of having an eye of a photographer plus experience in the industries.

FASHION STUDIO: Where do you see yourself in three years time?

RUSDI: Leading Malaysian and Indonesian Market in Fashion Photography and Commercial Photos. I have a plan and that plan is to penetrate straight into the fashion market.

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you and good luck with all your plans!

By Eva Fydrych



Occupation: Photographer
City: London, UK

FASHION STUDIO: How did you get into photography and when did you start? What's your speciality?

IAN: I brought a cheap digital camera about 4 years ago to use for when I attended weddings as a guest and to take pictures at family get togethers, and found I really enjoyed capturing a special moment.

FASHION STUDIO: What do you think is most important: expensive equipment, technical knowledge, training, good eye or practice?

IAN: They are all important but I feel no matter how much training, or the cost of your equipment without practice and having/developing an eye for capturing something visually stimulating training and cost count for nothing.

FASHION STUDIO: Do you believe that everyone can learn how to take good pictures or is it a gift that you are born with?

IAN: If think anyone can learn to improve their Photography skills but I believe you must be born with a gift to capture something special once in a while.

FASHION STUDIO: You organise a lot of group photoshoots around London. Is it more difficult to work with a group of models then with just one person? Are there any differences in working with female and male models?

IAN: I find working with a group of Models possibly easier as each Model gets to see the other pose, so can get some ideas and also the support of an experienced Model on a group shoot helping out a lesser experienced Model really helps on a group shoot. As for Male and Female models you have to connect and direct then differently with poses I feel other than that I enjoy working with both Sexes.

FASHION STUDIO: Photography is...

IAN: Photography is a great way to express ones creativity and occasionally capture a special moment that can be viewed forever.

FASHION STUDIO: Your favourite photography quote.

IAN: Practice Practice Practice.

FASHION STUDIO: Studio or location? Which one do you prefer?

IAN: Location as long as the weather is kind, nothing beats natural light.

FASHION STUDIO: In November 2010 your picture was on the cover of Lumine Style – fashion and lifestyle magazine. Tell us a little bit more about this project.

IAN: My cover shot on Luminstyle magazine was not planned as a publication front cover, I spent 3 ½ months with the MUA/Stylist planning the shoot in great detail along with input from our Model, and we had a great days shooting and got so many strong Queen Elizabeth images. And the vicar of the church yard we used was fabulous letting us use the church as it made a great location.

FASHION STUDIO: You also collaborate with Face On Magazine...

IAN: The collaboration with Face On magazine came about as I had previously 2 years earlier done a TF shoot with Natasha Booth (MUA) who is now the editor and owner of Face On magazine, and hopefully some of the images from my recent collaboration may be published in the March 2011 edition.

FASHION STUDIO: Where do you get your ideas from?

IAN: I use other peoples images and ideas as a basis and then build on it by making it my own, and after viewing the outfits, locations and Models I then try and build the shoot around these factors and try to bring the Models personality and attitude out in the Images.

FASHION STUDIO: Best photography book you've ever read.

IAN: Best photography book “A year in fashion (A look a day)“ Prestel in cooperation with Getty Images Munich Berlin London New York.

FASHION STUDIO: If you could choose anyone in the world to do a photoshoot with, who would it be?

IAN: I would have loved to have Photographed Audrey Hepburn as she has some much presence and grace and her immense beauty made her so photogenic. Also I would have loved to have done a candid capture of Bill Cosby comedian he has such a presence about him, like an older version of Will Smith.

FASHION STUDIO: What would you like to achieve as a photographer? Do you set specific goals for yourself?

IAN: I have had a 5 year plan which I have managed to achieve in 3 years, for people to look at my work and see 3 things Originality, Quality and Creativity but I can only do this with the help of all the talented creatives who have been kind enough to work with me on a TF basis to help improve my Portfolio and skills as a Photographer.

FASHION STUDIO: Your biggest challenge so far.

IAN: That's a hard one. I find all my own personal project shoots challenging, but if I had to pick one it would have to be my Queen Elizabeth shoot, as so much time money and planning went into it I wanted it to be a success probably more than any of my shoots, and it was...
FASHION STUDIO: What projects are you currently working on?

IAN: A new designer collection of outfits with several Models I have worked with previously and also a fitness shoot for a Model who's job is a personal trainer so it is for her website.

FASHION STUDIO: What advice would you give to all aspiring photographers? What are the most common mistakes they should avoid?

IAN: Listen to the criticism but don’t let it get you down, even when people are blatantly rude about your work. Remember why you started taking pictures in the first place and make that your goal when things get tough or don’t go as well as you hoped on a shoot. Give yourself a target to achieve on each shoot but be realistic about your ability. Read books watch You Tube tutorials, they are free and are an invaluable source of ideas and training... And most importantly: PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE...

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

By Eva Fydrych



Occupation: Model & Makeup Artist
City: New York, US

Photo Credits:
Photo by: Tarik Carroll Photography (
Hair/Make Up: Jarrett Brandon Artistry (
Wardrobe: Berit NY (
Hat: Hatting by La China Loca (

FASHION STUDIO: How long have you been modelling and why did you become a model?

PAIGE: I had a brief flirtation with modeling as a teenager, but was focused on music and dance at the time, where my primary background lies. I have always enjoyed all forms of the creative process, but given all of my other commitments, I could not continue to devote the proper time and attention to both music and modeling, and thus gave it up for several years.

My return to modeling was a bit of a happy accident. I shot some promotional photos for a (now defunct) series of nightlife events as a favor to a friend, and they garnered enough attention for offers for a variety of interesting projects. As I had recently had to give up professional music due to vocal chord problems, it seemed to be the perfect time to explore the creative possibilities of the fashion realm, and to give modeling the proper chance I had missed out on the first time around.

That was 2 years ago, and I've been extremely lucky to work with an expanding network of talented people for a huge range of projects.

FASHION STUDIO: Your most exciting project so far?

PAIGE: Though not the highest profile job I've undertaken, I will always have a soft spot for the Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. Up and coming designers from all over the country show their wares as an addition to the more traditional shows of New York Fashion Week.

Considering that many fashion luminaries (Vivienne Westwood and Patricia Field immediately come to mind), have gotten their starts as independent counter culture arbiters of taste, there is always the possibility that I'll be walking for someone whom might become an icon in their own right, and I will have seen their progression into history from the ground floor.

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe modelling industry in New York?

PAIGE: New York is one of the major modeling epicenters, and it is an extremely competitive world. You have to be constantly working on your technical craft, expanding your knowledge of the industry and its history, as well as a constant stream of submissions and casting calls with the inherent risk of rejections.

No matter how successful you become (whatever your personal definition of success is), you can never rest on your laurels. Get too comfortable, and you may just find yourself lying flat on your face with the next wave of hopefuls' high heel prints on your back.

It's certainly not a place for the faint of heart, but it does keep your skills sharp.

FASHION STUDIO: What are in your opinion the most important qualities to become a model?

PAIGE: Becoming a model is primarily a matter of physicality, and having a face and body type that agencies and clients find marketable. (There are a plethora of resources on the internet regarding genre and industry body standards e.g., so I won't reiterate the point here).

However, you could be the second coming of Linda Evangelista and if you are prone to diva behavior, your career will be short lived. No one wants to work with a habitually late harpy throwing tantrums (and occasionally hairbrushes).

Always be punctual, professional and polite. Treat every assignment as a learning experience, and use every resource you can to improve your posing, your walk, and your ability to help create an amazing photograph.

FASHION STUDIO: You also work as a makeup artist. What type of makeup you are mostly interested in?

PAIGE: This is probably heresy coming from a make up artist, but I'm a firm believer in using minimal product to maximum effect. Luminous skin, colorful eyes, soft lips and cheeks. A well applied face (even if its a dramatic evening look) makes you notice how beautiful the woman is, not how artfully applied her make up is.

That being said, I do enjoy experimentation, and don't ever want to be know just for one specific style or look. Make up is transformative, and to not take advantage of the infinite possibilities is silly... and rather boring besides. 

FASHION STUDIO: Could you give us some useful makeup tips? What are the most common mistakes that women make?

PAIGE: The single most common mistake I see women make is not wearing sunscreen, and a minimum of SPF 15 should be applied to the face every single day. Even if you are not a skin type prone to sunburns, you are still subject to UV damage which causes premature skin aging over time, and also wreaks havoc on skin texture in the short term. As there are a plethora of lightweight moisturizers and/or foundations that contain SPF on the market, there really is no excuse not to protect your skin. A non comedogenic foundation if you're an oily sort (Lancome Teint Miracle SPF 15 is a good choice), a lightweight tinted moisturizer if you are dry ( try Tarte Smooth Operator SPF 20).

As far as make up tips go, a few gleaned from my own experiences as a woman with an extremely hectic schedule and a tendency to over sleep:

Credits: see above
1.Use navy liner on the upper lash line with matching mascara, then dot a touch of a shimmery white shadow at the inner corners of the eye to reduce the look of glassiness and fatigue during a long day

2. Gently scrub lips with a washcloth to remove dry skin before applying reds or other high wattage lip colors. It will help the color apply evenly and quickly and last longer without cracking or flaking. (Contrary to some magazines awful advice, don't ever use an old tooth brush. Far too harsh for the delicate skin in that area)

3. If caught in a pinch where applying a full face full of make up isn't practical/possible (long plane rides come to mind), pat concealer onto the inner corners of your eyes, under your lower lashes and next to your nose. Then swipe on a coat of mascara and apply a sheer bronzer on cheeks. It will brighten up and revive your face just enough so that skin issues are far less noticeable.

FASHION STUDIO: Have you got any beauty products you can't live without?

PAIGE: Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30- My skin is very dry and also sensitive, and this clears up the patchiness and brightens my skin without irritation.

Matisse Elite Semi Permanent Eye Liner in Black- I've been addicted to eyeliner as long as I can recall, and it is the one constant in my otherwise minimal routine. This is a thicker liquid formula, and makes a lovely smudge proof winged look that will last me all day.

Burts Bees Beeswax Lip Balm- I have balm in every purse, pocket and surface I come in contact with, and this is gentle and natural product, inexpensive and widely available enough to replace when I manage to lose yet another tube to a torn pocket lining or a taxi.

FASHION STUDIO: How would you define success?

PAIGE: For me, success is not necessarily defined by the mass exposure of my work (though that is a nice perk), but by taking on projects with collaborators I respect, causes and companies I feel proud to support, and expanding both modeling genre conventions and beauty standards to include less conventional, quirky beauty.

FASHION STUDIO: What fashion magazines do you read?

PAIGE: All of them! I spend a lot of time on subways, planes and trains and am an avid reader of everything from fashion magazines to classical novels. More often than not I've read every fashion/beauty/art glossy (from Allure to Wallpaper and everything in between) in any given month, and have to move on to the newsstands that also carry foreign editions.

FASHION STUDIO: What do you like/dislike about NYC?

PAIGE: New York is my hometown, and I'll always love the 24/7 hum of constant activity, the ability to experience world class culture, art and music anytime I please. I've had a lifetime to become accustomed to being spoiled for choice as to what to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

My one quibble with the current version of NYC is the current push toward gentrification and suburbanization that has destroyed a lot of the small businesses and alternative culture that have made New York a destination for ambitious dreamers from all over the world. Really, what's the point of traveling a long way from home only to meet a Manhattan full of Gap chain shops and Starbucks franchises that are as identical and plentiful from Poughkeepsie to Peoria?

FASHION STUDIO: Do you travel a lot? What is your favourite destination?

PAIGE: I do. Most of my family is still in Europe, and my close friends are scattered across the country. Thus far, I've seen 35 of the 50 states, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and parts of Europe. I am a chronic experience junkie, and its never enough for me to merely know of something, I have to be in the thick of the experience. Also, travel is an excellent way to stay mindful of how lucky you are to have the choices and luxuries that you do, coming from an affluent home nation.

FASHION STUDIO: The most stylish city in the world...

PAIGE: The Camden Town area of London. The absolute originators of the high/low hodgepode and increasing fashion democracy that have influenced so much of the industry in the past 10 years. Rules are made to be broken, but I haven't yet seen another neighborhood that subverts them so delightfully.

FASHION STUDIO: The best dressed celebrity...

PAIGE: Ubiquitous celebrity stylists have made the red carpet a rather dull, safe place, where too many beautiful women look far too much alike.

I'd rather see someone take a crazy Bjork/Lady Gaga arthouse fashion risk and fail, than to see the starlets of the moment collect their Pyrrhic victory of being acceptedly dull in an ever so tasteful and safe sheath dress.

FASHION STUDIO: If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?

PAIGE: I rather enjoy being myself, and it certainly wouldn't be any fun to be most of my influences, as they are by and large deceased. Perhaps if my switching places for 24 hours made them zombies....that could create some interesting ruckus.

FASHION STUDIO: What are your goals for the near future?

PAIGE: To continue to grown and learn as a model and a creative person, to eventually become respected as more than the face of a company or trend, but as the innovator of something fresh and new. Much like Madonna before me, I want to rule the world.

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you for your time!

By Eva Fydrych



Occupation: Model & Fashion Designer
City: New York, US

FASHION STUDIO:  How did you start modelling and what inspired you to get into the fashion industry?

NATASHA: Well, I always wanted to model since the age of 6. My parents tried to get me into modeling, but there was a lot of scam artists that they came across with. So those dreams subsided until I was 18 yrs old, and my best friend Cindy did a fashion show. After her show, I was motivated in becoming a model. Thereafter, she asked me if I wanted to go to a casting with her, and I said yes. We both got in the show, and the rest was history. What inspired me to get into the fashion industry, was that everything was becoming redundant to me. I wanted to change the way people dress. So at the age of 16, I started to design futuristic but yet wearable clothing. I enrolled in Saturday classes at Fashion Institute of Technology. I also design my schoolmates prom dresses. Yeah, I had my own little business in high school.

FASHION STUDIO: What do you consider your biggest achievement so far?

NATASHA: My biggest achievement so far was graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology. I got my degree in Fashion Design, and my Bachelors in International Trade and Marketing. I feel that what ever endeavor I pursue, I need a back up plan.

FASHION STUDIO: There is a lot of competition in the modelling industry and a lot of times you need to deal with rejection. How do you cope with it?

NATASHA: Well rejection is a part of the game. I took it hard at first, and was discourage at times.Ultimately, I couldn't give modeling my 100% while I was a full time student. Before I graduated I revamped my look, and did more test shots. I booked more gigs then before and never gave up. At the end I kept my faith in God, and moved on. 

FASHION STUDIO: Your favourite supermodel...

NATASHA: Tyra Banks. She is not only a supermodel but a mogul. She is a business woman, who I greatly admire.

FASHION STUDIO: Except of being a model, you also have a degree in fashion design. Which career path would you prefer?

NATASHA: Well, It was imperative for me to finish up my education before I took modeling to the next step. I want to accomplish my goal with modeling first, while I'm still young. All in all fashion is going to be be my permanent career, because I want to have my own clothing line. I'm actually working on my line now, in between my modeling gigs.

FASHION STUDIO: Is it difficult to design clothes? What are the necessary qualities to become a fashion designer?

NATASHA: No I don't think it is difficult to design clothes.  It's a natural born giving talent. At times I do get stuck, but that is why I always seek some type of inspiration. The necessary qualities in becoming a fashion designer is first the passion for it, skills, and determination.

FASHION STUDIO: Who is you favourite clothing designer and why?

NATASHA: Wow, that's a tough one because I admire so many designers. I will have to say Betsey Johnson. Her style of clothing is very eccentric and trendy at the same time. I love the energy and creativeness I see, when her garments are on the runway.

FASHION STUDIO: How would you define fashion? What is unique about fashion in NYC?

NATASHA:  Fashion is a way of life. Everything is fashion!! It's a lifestyle that is immeasurable. What is unique about fashion in NYC is the fact that this city is a big melting pot. There are so many different cultures which equates to so many different fashions. If you pull all the looks from the different cultures here, and make it into one; that will be a magical experience.

FASHION STUDIO:  Best shopping spots in the city...

NATASHA: Soho, West Village, Midtown 5th Avenue, Meat Packing District, 34th Street, 42nd Street, 70's (Madison Avenue), and the list goes on.

FASHION STUDIO: The most stylish place...

NATASHA: The most stylish place I can say is Midtown. There are so many lavish stores in Midtown, and it's a popular tourist attraction.

FASHION STUDIO: Who is your style icon?

NATASHA: Rihanna, she reinvents herself all of the time just like me. I love her sense of fashion, she is beyond fierce!

FASHION STUDIO: If you could choose one place to travel to right now, where would it be?

NATASHA: Italy, I have dreams of going to Italy for the longest.

FASHION STUDIO: What are your future plans? Where do you see yourself in a couple of years time?

NATASHA: My futures plans is being on billboards, in more popular magazines, music videos, commmercials, movies, having my own line, and becoming a mogul. In a couple of years time I see myself finishing my goal with modeling and having a flourishing clothing line.

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you and good luck with all your plans!

By Eva Fydrych



Occupation: Photographer
City: Bangkok, Thailand

FASHION STUDIO: How did you get into photography?

TEERANON: I started photography as a hobby at first. Most of my photos were landscape. The more photos I take, the more I love photography and the more I want to know. Three years ago, I decided to quit my job and open my little photography studio called "a pixel studio".

FASHION STUDIO: Why did you choose fashion and portrait photography?

TEERANON: Having my own studio gives me a chance to shoot more portrait and fashion. It was a new experience for me and there is a lot to learn. It's 50% photography and 50% communication in order to get a good picture. After you finish, you get not only pictures but also new friends :)

FASHION STUDIO: What do you find most challenging?

TEERANON: The meaning of "Beauty" can be different from one person to another. Maybe that is the most difficult thing and also a great challenge.

FASHION STUDIO: Do you prefer to shoot in a studio or on location?

TEERANON: I love both of them.

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe fashion scene in Bangkok? What are the main events throughout the year?

TEERANON: Bangkok is colorful and unpredictable. Main event: Bangkok International Fashion Week.

FASHION STUDIO: Your favourite spot in the city...

TEERANON: Anywhere. I don't have any specific places.

FASHION STUDIO: What advice would you give to someone who wants to become a photographer?

TEERANON: Practice to see things around you in creative ways and know your equipment.

FASHION STUDIO: Your most unusual shoot so far...

TEERANON: ...difficult to tell, maybe I don't have one...

FASHION STUDIO: What inspires you?

TEERANON: Traveling.

FASHION STUDIO: What would you like to achieve as a photographer?

TEERANON: My works are being admired by others.

FASHION STUDIO: Canon or Nikon?

TEERANON: Well....I use Canon BUT I think, it's not really important. The point is how much a photographer understands their camera's ability and how much creative vision they have. Lots of good photographs were not created by Canon or Nikon.

FASHION STUDIO: How good are your Photoshop skills?

TEERANON: Fairly well.

FASHION STUDIO: What are the essential qualities to be good photographer?

TEERANON: Good creative vision, good understanding of light, and good health.

FASHION STUDIO: Being successful... What does it mean to you?

TEERANON: For me, it is being able to produce quality creative work and this work is being admired by others and makes a lasting impression.

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you. It was great talking to you!

By Eva Fydrych


Occupation: Model
City: Portland, US

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe modelling industry in Portland?

ELIZABETH: Actually I would say I live between Portland Oregon and Sandpoint Idaho. As far as Sandpoint goes the modeling industry is limited to say the least so I often travel to Portland for my work. Since Portland is such an outdoor and healthy community there is a lot of opportunities for sports clothing and fit modeling, as well as great location shoots.

FASHION STUDIO: You did some modelling in Brisbane, Australia. Could you tell us more about it?

ELIZABETH: I was with Vivien’s agency in Australia for 6 months. It was pretty much the same there as it is here. I did a runway show though where I was a good 4-5 inches shorter than everyone else; that was awkward but a great experience. 

FASHION STUDIO: Do you remember your first modelling assignment?

ELIZABETH: My first modeling job was in 2004 for a local lingerie company while I was in college. I worked with them until I graduated. 

FASHION STUDIO: Some of the photos in your portfolio are taken by you. Are you planning to become a photographer?

ELIZABETH: I don’t have any plans to become a photographer. Sometimes I just get anxious about updating my profile and working on something so I’ll take some photographs myself if I can’t wait for a professional shoot. 

FASHION STUDIO: Where did you learn your editing skills?

Photo by Elizabeth June
ELIZABETH: Photoshop is just something I spend a lot of time playing around on, I’m self taught but could learn a lot more I’m sure. 

FASHION STUDIO: You have a degree in Fashion Design. What do you love about fashion?

ELIZABETH: I love the way fashion makes me feel good about myself. Clothing is such a fun form of expression and can go in so many directions, I love it. 

FASHION STUDIO: Your first collection, how will it look like?

ELIZABETH: I’m a huge Anthropology fan so it would be inspired by them. I love vintage clothing, lace, accessories, great detailing, anything really feminine. I’ve started a “mini practice” collection at the clothing boutique I work at. It’s all used clothing and slips that I’ve cut up and made into something new. 

FASHION STUDIO: What inspires you?

ELIZABETH: Looking through magazines or fabric stores usually gets me going.

FASHION STUDIO: What are your favourite trends for this season?

ELIZABETH: I really try not to follow trends and try to just stick with what I love when I see it. At the moment I’m obsessed with skinny jeans and heels. 

FASHION STUDIO: How do you keep fit?

ELIZABETH: Genetics. Some people are just lucky and I’m one of them. I’m grateful everyday… Sometimes I do pilates. 

FASHION STUDIO: What is your biggest dream?

ELIZABETH: I love modeling and I have a degree in clothing design but I think my passion and dream is in painting. I love painting canvases and find it to be the most rewarding thing I can do. 

Photo by Bella Pictures
FASHION STUDIO: What is your greatest fear?

ELIZABETH: Failure and lack of motivation.

FASHION STUDIO: How would you define beauty?

ELIZABETH: Being happy with who you are and what you have. A good attitude can go a long way and change the look of anyone.

FASHION STUDIO: What do you like about yourself?

ELIZABETH: I really like that I’m creative. I feel like there are a lot of ways I can channel my energy and it’s really satisfying to know I can be responsible for making something beautiful that other people admire. 

FASHION STUDIO: Best shopping place in the world...

ELIZABETH: Goodwill. I go there every day and find wonderful stuff. It may need a little alteration or paint but that’s half the fun!


By Eva Fydrych



Occupation: Underwater Photographer
City: Singapore, Singapore

FASHION STUDIO: Your genre of photography is very unusual. Why did you get interested in shooting underwater?

PATRICK: I wanted something out of the ordinary. something that wasn't commonly shot, especially in Singapore.

FASHION STUDIO: Have you got a lot of diving experience?

PATRICK: In fact I did not get any diving experience till almost a year after I started underwater. But now, yes I do dive regularly.

FASHION STUDIO: What are the biggest challenges in underwater photography both for a model and for a photographer?

PATRICK: Top of list - buoyancy. People tend to be too "floaty" and when they panic, they sink like a stone. Which brings the second challenge. Safety. The possibility of drowning is always there. And then of course, the venue which is next to impossible to get in Singapore!

FASHION STUDIO: Is it difficult to find models who are comfortable shooting underwater? Do they need to go through a special training?

PATRICK: Every model wants something different, something "wow". Mention underwater and they are extremely interested. Of course, they need to go through the basic breath holding, buoyancy, etc training if they have no prior experience, which is the case for most models.

FASHION STUDIO: You had a chance to work with a world famous underwater photographer and a film director Michael Gleissner in Cebu, Philippines. How did you find that experience?

PATRICK: It was an eye opener You get to see the workflow of a big production. That's important if that's the next progression - BIG production.

FASHION STUDIO: You travel quite a lot outside Singapore. What are your most popular destinations?

PATRICK: Cebu, Philippines, is my favourite. I do go "next door" to Malaysia occasionally and ya, Taiwan!

FASHION STUDIO: Do you think underwater photography will become more and more popular or is it so specific that it will always remain an interest of just a small group of people?

PATRICK: Within Asia, it is still very new and there is a lot of potential for growth and exploration in this area. China artists are picking it up FAST. There will be demand for it commercially too, fuelled by cheap underwater point and shoots.

FASHION STUDIO: Have you ever had any dangerous situations during the shoot?

PATRICK: None so far. Safety is my top priority. I do not want my shoot to be the last for everyone!

FASHION STUDIO: How deep do you usually shoot? What is the difference between doing a photoshoot in a swimming pool and an open water?

PATRICK: Since I prefer pool shots, the depth will be between 1.2m - 3m. But if in the sea, most of the nice stuff is at 3m - 5m, hence that depth. Besides, at 5m in open waters, the danger of anyone shooting up to the surface is greatly reduced...

FASHION STUDIO: What type of equipment do you use for underwater shoots?

PATRICK: I use my Canon 5D2 with Ikelite housing and strobes. For test shoots, I will just bring down my Canon G11 in its housing.

FASHION STUDIO:How would you describe fashion scene in Singapore?

PATRICK: Singapore has a lot of fusion of cultures and hence the fashion here reflects that. Being hot and wet most of the time, the materials are light compare to other areas. The new breed of designers are bolder and wilder in their works which is good!

FASHION STUDIO: What are your future projects? What would you like to achieve?

PATRICK: I am moving on to more commercial and hopefully fashion work. I have also new collaborations which allow me to explore areal photography - bringing my works to air, land and sea.

FASHION STUDIO: Where can we see your work?

PATRICK: You can view them on Facebook: Express-Oh! Photography or at my (simple) site:


By Eva Fydrych



Occupation: Fashion  Photographer
City: New York, US

"I believe there is no set limit at what you can accomplish."

FASHION STUDIO: How would you define fashion photography? What are the main rules to take great fashion pictures?

PATRICK: I feel in any line of photography you are always trying to express an emotion. Through fashion using clothes, make up, hair, etc on the model I can mold the emotion or story that I want to achieve. I strongly believe there are no rules to taking great fashion pictures. Art to me and I’m sure to my fellow peers is free. To keep your mind in a box just seems crazy.

FASHION STUDIO: You started photography at an early age. Was it always your dream to become a fashion photographer?

PATRICK: I picked up a camera in freshman year of high school thinking nothing of it at the time. I originally wanted to attend college for painting, drawing, and sculpting. But the support wasn’t there for an art school education. I spent about a year attending a small school locally studying the norm, (business, math,and science). During this time I picked the camera back up again as a way to escape the mundane days of school.

If I couldn’t study painting or drawing why not incorporate them into photography. After getting a chance to study photography in Boston I took it with no hesitation. At this time I wanted to pursue fashion for the love of clothing and how it makes the garment wearer transform.

FASHION STUDIO: What was the most valuable lesson you learned during your photographic education in Boston?

PATRICK: The most valuable lesson I learned in Boston was to never to pass up an opportunity.

FASHION STUDIO: Why did you decide to move to New York?

PATRICK: I moved to New York because the fashion network is much stronger than Boston.

FASHION STUDIO: If you had to describe NYC fashion in five words...

PATRICK: Wow, so many words to describe it but these sum it up for me: Free & Unique.

FASHION STUDIO: Where do you find inspiration for your photoshoots?

PATRICK: Inspiration is everywhere form things observed visually, music, smell, anything I guess that stirs a feeling inside of you.

FASHION STUDIO: You are currently working with a famous fashion photographer Sante D'Orazio. What's the best part of this collaboration?

PATRICK: What I enjoy best is to see the road he has come down by observing the works and ongoing creations. It certainly helps to know what paths to take. I do look up to his sense of style. Heʼs made it his own and I respect that above everything.

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe your style?

PATRICK: I would describe my style as somewhat dark and edgy.

FASHION STUDIO: What would you like to achieve as a photographer?

PATRICK: I would like to continue on my journey of being successful and making one shoot better than the other. I believe there is no set limit at what you can accomplish.

FASHION STUDIO: Your favourite outdoor locations in New York...

PATRICK: My favorite outdoor location would probably be located at one of the many parks.

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you. We look forward to seeing more of your work soon.

By Eva Fydrych


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