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Fashion Expert Forecasts Leisure and Playful Style to Dominate 2015 Spring/Summer Women’s Wear

WGSN SS 2015 Macro Trend - Bio Dynamic (Photo courtesy of WGSN)

HONG KONG - The 45th Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall / Winter and the 12th “World Boutique, Hong Kong” organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) were being held concurrently at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (13-16 January). During the fair period, there are more than 60 exciting events including fashion parades, industry seminars on various topics, networking activities and so on. “The Forecast on the 2015 Spring/Summer Women’s Wear Design Trend” was held on the first day of the Fashion Week. Vilislava Petrova, Head of Content APAC, WGSN APAC - a multinational fashion trend forecasting and research institution - was invited to interpret the new trend of women’s wear in the year ahead.

2015 Spring/Summer Women’s Wear Trend

Through the combination of colors, materials and tailoring, fashion presents the trend marks of different ages. Vilislava Petrova pointed out that leisure, playful and contrast will be the yardstick for 2015 Spring/Summer women’s wear design trend. She said that consumers have been exposed to the rich-colored designs in the past years, their level of acceptance of bold colors used in fashion and tailoring design has been increased. The clash and combination of various fabric materials and colors will be widely used in the design of 2015 Spring/Summer women’s wear, adding in playful and leisure elements and integrating two main themes of History 2.0 and Bio Dynamic.

Photo courtesy of HKTDC

History 2.0 Transforms Old into New

She further pointed out that the inspiration of History 2.0 comes from the evolution of history. The use of delicate tailoring and bold designs present the interlacing of imagination and reality, the natural evolution, history records, preservation and fading of arts. Through designers’ collocation of their imagination and the reality, the retro colors will be kept while the details will be simplified. It presents a fashion design that connects with the past yet possesses brand new elements.

“The design can be the Hollywood-inspired luxury classic style, including the 70’s Halston’s charming long dress and one-piece dresses, flares and double-breasted suits; it can also be the combination of patterns with local colors, mixed with holidays and Californian style,” Petrova said. Designers fully adopt the local fabric patterns into their designs and add in various materials such as silk and metallic mixed designs to create contrast and generate variable patterns. She further pointed out that metallic colors will be one of the trends next year and will be applied to accessories such as belts, bags and shoes.

Photo courtesy of HKTDC

Bio Dynamic Blends into the Nature

Inspired by the Biological Science, Bio Dynamic refers to biological interaction and vitality, featuring the use of multi-colored tones captured in the city as the design blueprint. “The industry thinks that the leisure color tone and design will be very popular. For instance, blending the tropical elements such as summer travel and exciting colors including the colors of sunshine on the beach and the sea into the design would arouse people to connect it with frequently visited resorts in Miami or elsewhere.”

“Since the inspiration of Bio Dynamic is captured from the nature, the innovative technology materials such as organic material will become the focus of attention,” Petrova added. As for the color trends, it will turn from the previous bright colors to white, black, light and natural colors. “Indigo will be the main primary color, adopting various shades of indigo into the design, or using filters to mix indigo tone with other colors. It can also collocate with a variety of natural colors to create a sense of depth.” The repetitive structure of simple and natural patterns creates an organic feeling and multi-dyed heavy fabric will also be the trend.

Photo courtesy of HKTDC

Street Boy Style Fully Shows the Character

Leisure big street boy style will become dominant in the market. Tom Boy jeans transformed from the “Boyfriend jeans” will demonstrate cropped skateboard jeans in a more relaxed, playful style. She further pointed out that open collar jacket will become very popular. And the jumper design showing the living attitude and character is expected to be popular as well. The feminine soft fabric will replace the hard one to become a popular material for hoodies, combining the sense of comfort, nature and leisure into one.

Petrova mentioned that the surprisingly bold designs will also lead the trend. “The modern women are more willing to show their bodies, so tight tailoring showing the body shape will be another big hit. Just like the hot mini skirt, which makes people appear to be wearing nothing, looks so playful. In addition, the sports element will be mixed into the fashion such as leather designed basketball shorts to present chic style.” Fashion designs are not confined to the front presentation; delicate design and tailoring at the back will also become the trend.
Source: HKTDC

Photo courtesy of HKTDC


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