Saturday, April 9, 2016


By Derek Lotts

In the future,
your fashion accessory will be your home

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There is a myriad of design ideas for decoration that suit any taste and style. However, when we most need them, they seem to elude us. Well, the truth is, you do not have to even leave your home in order to spruce it up. The new approach in interior design uses fashion as a source of inspiration and utilizes items like old magazines and clothes for decoration. Depending on personal preferences and available items, one may pull together a fun and whimsical or an elegant and glamorous home. It is about making it reflect the personality and assume the signature, out-of-the-box look. 

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Cut from the same cloth 

The bustling streets of the modern urban landscapes resemble spur-of-the-moment fashion shows. People spend a great deal of time turning themselves into walking state-of-the-art spectacles. But, they often forget to apply the same method to their homes. Considering how much time we spend in our small havens, this comes as a surprise. So, it is time to locate that family heirloom and cast-off accessories that have been collecting dust for long enough. 

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Why not treat these possessions as art and display them throughout the living environment? With the help of household and fashion items, it is possible to give your home an instant facelift and add life to the rooms by transforming them into sights that draw the eyes of the visitors. It is time to let our creativity take central stage. Stellar comeback roles should be assigned to clothing and jewelry that is not worn on a regular basis. Repurposing these accessories gives them a new purpose and allows people to enjoy them every day. 

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Dressed to kill 

Consider for a moment a picturesque silk scarf. It may serve better in the living room than around the neck. After all, scarves have long represented more than just practical items, they were an epitome of sophistication and artisanal talent. Frame them to turn them into accent decorative items, throw blankets or even table runners. A similar effect can be created by putting a party shoe on a bookshelf. These unexpected pops of colors do wonders for sterile and monotonous environments. 

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There are also many ways to showcase the jewelry and add a bit of sparkle to the rooms. It is best to pick some pieces that are not used often and frame them- a standard box frame does the trick just fine. One oversized piece like necklace makes a bold statement, and for a different tone, one can group different jewelry items together. Finally, some people chose to frame old magazine covers or mount magazine racks on the walls. With these quick updates, dull walls start to acquire a distinct personality. 

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If something seems to be missing, note that a wall light is a perfect solution for highlighting key décor elements and making them fully shine. Modern lights, like the ones that can be seen in Super Light’s fixtures are what’s trending and what blends well with the stars i.e. your fashion pieces. Accessories can then serve as striking focal points that spark attention. Just remember that the purpose is not to make your home look like one large walk-in closet. Do not go overboard and do not showcase something just for the sake of showing off. Décor must complement the present design outline and style without being overwhelming and distracting. 

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Come into fashion 

All this time, the great solution for fresh home design has been right before our eyes. Make a powerful statement by infusing your living space with fashion and give a surprising twist to the home décor. This is a way to give oneself airs, but also to enjoy the pristine beauty in the living space. Add visual interest to unassuming corners and put the stand-out pieces where they belong. Fashion accessories allow a quick and inexpensive visual overhaul with a unique vibe. The future is now, so do not throw creative ideas and underutilized accessories like they are going out of fashion.


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