Saturday, October 15, 2011


By JP Caldeano


Why use POLARIZER filters?

Polarizer filters offer more dramatic results reducing unwanted reflections on glass and water, and enhancing colour saturation for stunning images with brilliant blue skies. When shooting products like watches, or metallic objects, try to rotate your polarizer filter to achieve different results.

Picture taken without filters (left). Picture taken with a polarizer filter (right).


JP Caldeano was born in 1983 in Portugal. Always interested in colours and arts. Having a passion for music, he finished his college and went to do a degree in Sound and Image at ESAD (Superior School of Art and Design). Soon started working as a freelancer in theatres setting up lighting for shows and operation sound and light on the backstage. Worked as a sound engineering for bands and lighting technician for various theatre shows, he decided to try photography as a hobby which soon made him move to London to work as a cinematographer.

Today he works a camera technician for one of the most prestigious film companies in the world (ARRI), prepping the cameras for films like Casino Royal, Bourne Ultimatum, Quantum of Solace, Johnny English, Game of Thrones, W.E., Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Hysteria, Luther (series), Law and Order (series) and many others.

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  1. Some scenes may be too contrasting, due to a certain type of lighting. That is why, experts advise to avoid shooting at noon in bright sunlight, as the camera cannot cope with the full range of light. Try to use for editing.

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