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By Eva Fydrych

 Magical World of KORHANI home

Photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

KORHANI home develops and produces its first exhibition devoted to celebrating home fashion at the 2014 Interior Design Show of Toronto

TORONTO - This January, the Interior Design Show of Toronto (IDS) welcomes Canadian label, KORHANI home, for its first major exhibition celebrating style and fashion for home. KORHANI home has brought innovation and cutting edge technologies to the home since inception in 1902. Today over a century late. KORHANI home has evolved into an empire of Canadian-made, chic yet affordable products redefining the way you style your home.

KORHANI home aims to personally stylize your home with the changing seasons - just like your wardrobe. So in 2010, KORHANI home took to the runways of World MasterCard Fashion Week Toronto and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin to showcase their home collections. Building on this worldwide success and wanting to reach and connect with larger audience the label joins IDS to showcase its best designs in an innovative interactive exhibition.

Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

Located at the Toronto Metro Convention Centre, January 23-26, this dynamic multimedia installation will allow visitors to enter the world of Kirsten Korhani on a never before seen journey, where celebrated KORHANI home designs come alive in a creative theatrical spectacle. Chief Designer and Creative director, Kirsten Korhani, has masterfully designed each stunning home fashion piece. "I wanted to create an exhibition with our home collections that has that interactive feel of our runway shows and bring that to a larger audience who wouldn't normally get a chance to experience our fashion shows," explained Kirsten Korhani.

The first of its kind in the home fashion world, this contemporary installation uses cutting edge video projection and surface mapping technology to bring to life mannequins with interactive faces, who guide visitors through the home fashion world of KORHANI home. In order to create the illusion, plastic resin casts were made from real-life faces thus, allowing the projected light to take on the exact contour of the face. The effect is powerful and comes to life through a variety of multi-channel video and audio projections.

Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

The multimedia exhibition is organized into three thematic sections, showcasing the diversity and creativity of KORHANI home:

  • Fall down the rabbit hole into the KORHANI in Wonderland inspired tableau, showcasing highlights from the labels renowned World MasterCard Fashion Week "Rug Runway". Indoor and outdoor carpets are magically reinvented into upscale couture pieces, featuring whimsical patterns from Courtyard Rug Collection. Rugs, as garments? We must be in the world of the mad hatter!
  • Senoritas and Senores will adore the Cuba libre inspired theme, which embraces the glamour, elegance, eccentricity and colourful home décor fashions of the Veranda Rug Collection. Bring the spice and excitement of 1950's Havana to your patio this season, with flirtious home fashions that will have you cheering "Ole!"
  • Eat cake in style at the Versailles inspired installation, where you will be swept off your feet by the sophisticated and romantic designs from the Terrace Rug Collection. Surround yourself with the opulent and extravagant grounds of Versailles in your own home garden; with decorate trompe-l'oeil patterns that convey the mystery of love, romance and betrayal.

Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

Experience KORHANI home like never before with this incredible interactive display, showcased at the Interior Design Show of Toronto, January 23-26, 2014. Discover your inner designer for under $100 at the KORHANI home pop up shop located at the end of the exhibit. With remarkable Made in Canada designs, this is one exhibition you won't want to miss!

KORHANI home products are available through major mass market retail partners exceeding over 1,000 doors in Canada and the label is proud for its recent expansion in the US and German markets. Please visit for more information.


KORHANI home has over a century of experience styling homes while offering fashionable, functional and affordable products. KORHANI has specialized in floor coverings, boasting a wide selection of designs and textures. Today, KORHANI home also offers accent pieces - including chairs, patio furniture, pillows and more - catering to different tastes, budgets and lifestyles. As the world of design evolves, KORHANI home evolves with it, placing emphasis on sustainability. With a resilient reputation, and three generations of creativity and expertise, KORHANI home makes the distinction between furnishing houses and finishing homes. 
Source: KORHANI home

Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

Exclusive interview with Kirsten Korhani coming soon!

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