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Hong Kong Fashion Week Seminar Outlines Fashion Trends
Bold Colours and Patterns Set to Create Fashion Super Classics

Rendering Reality - Optical patterns create mesmerising illusions (Photo courtesy of WGSN)

9 July 2013 – The 20th edition of the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer, organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, is underway at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. On the first day of the fair (8 July), HKTDC invited Catriona MacNab, Chief Creative Officer of WGSN, to host a seminar titled “Fall/Winter 2014/15 Macro Trends, Design Directions and Beyond”, giving industry players a glimpse into the upcoming fashion revolution.

Rendering Reality updates fashion classics

Catriona MacNab indicated that Rendering Reality will be a major trend for Fall/Winter 2014/15. A new fashion super classics will be created through combining simple details with bold colours, raw fabrics and eclectic styling.

For Fall/Winter 2014/15, the women’s formal wear will sport passionate red and functional earthy tones for bold contrasts. Raw fabric textures, together with delicate tailoring and key items – such as an A-line trim, elegant floral patterns and belts – will produce a classy impression. For men the suits will feature architectural styling and details. Geometric patterns as well as detailed stitching will be key.

Macro Trends AW14/15 - Rendering Reality (Photo courtesy of WGSN)

As for casual wear, the key palette will feature basic colours like yelloworange and gray. Cotton fabrics and irregular edges will add a tough luxe appeal for the ladies. A wool top in yellow and gray, with special symbolic patterns, will be a style attractive to the junior end of the marketplace. The strong contrast between yellow and green brings alive a biker’s feel which is at the same time quietly classy. Colours aside, a mixed fabric styling will also produce different effects. For example, leather will bring about a sense of elegance, while metal accessories coupled with denims will produce an air of toughness. These seemingly random combinations are in fact meticulously designed.

WGSN’s Chief Creative Officer Catriona MacNab (Photo courtesy of HKTDC)

Modern Myth tells the future story

Catriona MacNab also foresaw Modern Myth to be another major trend for Fall/Winter 2014/15. The style uses fashion to convey a future folklore narrative, with creative styling, regal designs and cultural colours stitching it all together. Fabrics used for the Modern Myth will be specially treated to produce a three-dimensional and glowing look. Pressed silk and velvet, for example, will produce dimensional effects that fuel imagination, and create a futuristic and cosmic couture impression. Dark red, indigo blue and gold will form the key palette. For women’s wear, jacquards from the 70s will project a tough, masculine look. Patterns could also be combined with bold, folklore-inspired patterns to add a layer of cosmic mythology to the clothing.

WGSN trend research - A/W '14/15, Modern Myth, colour board. (Courtesy of WGSN)

For men, Catriona suggested using aged and well travelled plaids. The tux could even be decorated with luxurious fabrics like velvet to project a casual regalness. Modern Myth also applies to the casual wear. For men it could be an application of radiating colours and patterns to a hooded jacket or a leather shirt for an expressive, 70’s rock outlook. For the ladies, it could be traditional tailoring with details such as funnel necks and origami folds to elegantly, harmoniously and dimensionally bring out the feminine beauty.

Starting yesterday, the Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer will run until 11 July at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Over 1,260 exhibitors from 20 countries and regions are converged under one roof to showcase the latest brand designs, international fashion, accessories, fabrics and other peripheral products. Multiple fashion shows and seminars will be held during the fair period to unveil the latest fashion and trends.
Source: HKTDC

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