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HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer
Celebrate its 20th Anniversary with New Product Zones

Photo courtesy of HKTDC

HONG KONG – Three new product zones are to be added to HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2014 to celebrate its 20th Anniversary. Running from 8-11 July 2013 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, the fair will present the latest products, trends and market intelligence, providing an ideal trade platform and design inspiration for fashion industry players.

Men are increasingly concerned about the clothes which come to their wardrobes. According to Euromonitor, global men’s wear sales are estimated to have grown by 2.8% to US441.3 billion in 2012, outpacing the pace of women’s wear (2.7%). On the other hand, private labels are becoming more and more important as consumers desire to have private labels on everyday garments like jeans, accessories and t-shirts. They are also becoming more environmentally conscious and look for ‘green’ clothing made of recycled materials or natural fibres.

Last year, Hong Kong Fashion Week for Spring/Summer attracted more than 1,250 exhibitors from 21 countries and regions, and produced a strong visitor turnout, with nearly 17,000 buyers from 74 countries and regions attending this event.

Photo courtesy of HKTDC

Both exhibitors and buyers greatly appreciated the numerous business opportunities generated by the fair. “Our waxed-cotton coats and jackets are made for wet and cold weather, not suitable for the warm weather in Hong Kong. But we decided to come to the Hong Kong Fashion Week to promote them because this fair is the only international fair in the Far East which offers a platform for us reach out to buyers from Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea and Chinese mainland where quality garments for real winters are needed. I got to know the fair in 1996 when I came as a buyer to import from the Chinese mainland. Now that our home market in the U.K. has reached saturation, I have come back as a supplier to expand into new markets in Asia,” said Kulvinder Raindi, Senior Partner, K & K Clothing, United Kingdom.

“Currently we buy 70% of our merchandise here; they include shirts, sweaters, hoodies, fleece products and PU jackets. I found the T-shirts interesting because of the variety of fabrics and the reasonable price. During our last visit we have bought over 200 items totalling up to US$1 million,” remarked Ana Godoy, Product Development Manager, Global Co., Brazil.

To keep up with the fast changing market, the 2013 fair will highlight three themed zones to serve the latest trends and current market demand: Men in Style features stylish wardrobes targeting the male apparel market; as its name implies, Packaging and Design brings together a large variety of packaging and design solutions and materials selection. The debut Small-order Zone features around 100 garment racks and showcases. In addition, “Hot Picks” showcase will allow buyers to try out products.

Photo courtesy of HKTDC

Other special product zones including Denim Arcade, Fashion Jewellery Feast, Infant & Children’s WearSalon of Scarves & Shawls and World of Fashion Accessories showcase products of the latest “hot” market sectors while Brand Name Gallery, Bridal & Evening Wear, Fabrics & Yarn, Fashion Gallery, Garment Mart, International Fashion Designers’ Showcase, Intimate & Swim Wear and Sewing Supplies cater to various market segments.

Fashion designers from both Hong Kong and overseas will present their latest collections in fashion parades, adding more excitement to this colourful event. World-renowned trend forecasters, a local research institute will be invited to unveil the coming trends in fashion and lifestyle, as well as the latest technological developments of the fashion industry through a number of seminars and presentations. For instance, researcher from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University will introduce the robotic mannequin system “iDummy” in the fair, which is a revolutionary breakthrough that can streamline the operation of the apparel industry by changing the body shape and dimensions of the mannequin. A networking reception will be organised for industry players from around the world to expand their business out-reach through face-to-face meetings.
Source: HKTDC


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