Wednesday, August 11, 2021


By Eva Fydrych

Photo courtesy of Popopieshop

August is a great month to think about updating your wardrobe. One of our favourite online stores, Popopieshop, offers a great selection of matching family clothes for every occasion.

Depending on your lifestyle, you can choose something elegant and sophisticated (think: "Summer in the City" style) or quite the opposite - you can opt for comfy, casual clothes suitable for a weekend getaway and outdoor adventures.

Have a look at our selection below and get familiar with current fashion trends!

Striped Ruffled Round Neck Yellow Mom Girl Matching Dress (Photo courtesy of Popopieshop)

Sunny yellow is a perfect colour for hot summer days. It will look great with your tan and will instantly brighten up your mood. 

How to Wear Yellow:

  • yellow is a very intensive colour so leave your bright, eye-catching accessories for other occasions
  • opt for classic black or white (a crossbody bag would look amazing)
  • match your dress with fashionable gladiator sandals or elegant gold/silver sandals
  • add a straw hat for an extra WOW factor

Round Neck Sleeveless Flower Print Blue Mom Girl Matching Dress (Photo courtesy of Popopieshop)

There is nothing more cute than matching floral dresses in light blue (just look at the picture above!). Wear yours with light accessories and neutral colour palette such as beige, light pink, white, pastel yellow or peach.

Styling Tip:

Summer is a great time to experiment with your hair and add some stylish accessories to your look. You can opt for a fashionable hairband or take a small scarf and create an effortless yet feminine look as in the picture above.

Casual Blue Long-sleeved Denim Shirt Family Matching Outfits (Photo courtesy of Popopieshop)

For a family weekend trip, choose comfortable denim shirts and combine them with joggers, shorts or colourful leggings and white sneakers.

Add a fashionable backpack and you are ready to go!

Khaki Mom Girl Matching Coat With Colored Ribbon (Photo courtesy of Popopieshop)

Mommy and me outfits are an interesting way to teach your daughter what to wear and how to mix different colours together. They will make you stand out from the crowd and express your personality.

Our next item will be suitable for the first days of fall. Stylish coat is a must-have item that can be worn with a pair of jeans, black leggings or elegant white pants.

This fall, add some floral accessories and super fashionable lavender, violet or magenta to the mix. Happy shopping!

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