Fashion Studio Magazine was created in New York in January 2011 and is quickly becoming an influential website and a powerful source of information for people in the fashion industry around the world.

Eva Fydrych, the Founder and Art Director of Fashion Studio, started her adventure with fashion many years ago working for the chain store Mimi in her native Krakow, Poland, and the French clothing company Camaieu. During that period she received intensive training in fashion retail, management, and merchandising. She also learned about fashion trends, styling, and textiles.

After moving to the UK in 2004, she started working for the Italian designer Pamela in the fashion district of Knightsbridge in West London. The high-end boutique called ”Stilletto Cafe” had many regular celebrity clients like Goldie Hawn, Nathalie Cole, and Bob Geldof's daughters, to name a few. As a Fashion Consultant and Store Manager, Eva was responsible for the smooth running of the shop, the marketing, merchandising, and the client database. She was actively involved in organizing cocktail parties and fashion exhibitions showcasing the work of industry professionals collaborating with ”Stiletto Cafe”, which were mainly jewellery and shoe designers. Part of this experience also entailed regular travels to Milan.

Eva's modelling career began in London, UK and she later worked as a full-time model in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines. She had the chance to meet the famous underwater photographer and movie director, Michael Gleissner, and worked on the set of his movie ”Girl With No Number” shot in Bigfoot Studios in Cebu, Philippines. Being involved in the production of this feature film and supervising the wardrobe department was a great hands-on experience.

In September 2010 she moved to Toronto, Canada, where she got involved in fashion photography.

”Working in the fashion industry around the world helped me to understand different markets and people's approaches to fashion. I had a chance to meet many talented designers, makeup artists, models and photographers and be part of some really exciting projects. What I love about fashion is the constant change and freedom of expression. I treat it as an art discipline where there are no limits for creativity and where the only boundaries are the ones that we set ourselves.”

Eva Fydrych

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Eva Fydrych



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