Friday, February 11, 2011


By Eva Fydrych

Enikő Szűcs is a professional photographer and photojournalist based in New York. Such works as her ”Still Spirits – Contemporary Kitchen Stories” and ”Water Nights” evoke a unique and artistic feel and a fresh apporach to the reality we see around us. Playing with lights and shadows, using interesing colour effects, Enikő creates new worlds full of magic and mystery. Her fashion work has a distinctive style and an edgy feel to it.

Travel, places, people are the light of my life. My favorite aspect of photography is intimacy with the subject, like a good conversation between objects and thoughts.

I believe, that when you are free-spoken in your life, and also in photography, then the true face of things are revealed; this reality and actuality of things are always tied into your own activity, and your ability to catch a single moment.

I have a great curiosity for the world and the people in it. To do more than document, to capture the atmosphere of the places I photograph -- this is the great adventure.” - Enikő Szűcs

Enikő was born in Hungary. She has a master degree in Photography and Design, her work has been published in many international magazines like Elle Decor, H.O.M. E, and Marie Claire, to name a few. She has had photography exhibitions in galleries in Hungary, Switzerland, Canada and recently in New York. Enikő is a member of MUOSZ—Hungarian Association of Journalism and The Camera Club in New York. To find out more about Enikő's work and experience, please visit her website:

Enikő Szűcs is the official photographer appointed by Fashion Studio to work on STREET FASHION project in New York.

By Eva Fydrych

All photos by Enikő Szűcs

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