Tuesday, March 15, 2011


By Natalie Hemmati

This past week marked the 29th annual Canadian Music Week in Toronto. From March 9th - 13th, international and local artists gathered in Toronto to promote their music and their vision. I had the pleasure of interviewing one of Toronto’s own prized gems, Melanie Goldman (aka MISS GOLD), before her concert on Thursday night.

Photo by Natalie Hemmati

Me: It’s Canadian Music Week in Toronto and I have Toronto’s own Miss GOLD on the telephone with me. So Mel, tonight is your big headlining performance at the Hard Rock Café. Your adrenaline must be high! Nervous at all?

Miss Gold: Nope, not nervous in regards to performing. I just hope everything runs smoothly and is organized. And of course, that the crowd is happy.

Me: In terms of your appearance, how do you decide on-stage outfits for your concerts and conferences?

Miss Gold: My wardrobe stylist and I decided on outfits that are versatile, comfortable, and that represent who I am.

Me: Who are your music idols and why, and who are your favourite designers?

Miss Gold: Narrowing it down to the past ten years, musically I idolize Fergie, Rihanna, Pink, and Kesha. I also really love Joan Jett. All these women embody sexiness without looking cheap or compromising themselves. In regards to fashion, I love Dolce and Gabbana, D Squared, Chanel and Prada. I love fashion forward clothing.

Me: Is there any fashion trend from the past or present that you are drawn to?

Miss Gold: Yes! I love gold and leopard. I am really influenced by the 80’s, and I also like the futuristic silhouettes that are in style right now.

Me: Do you find that your stage outfits affect your performance? In other words, do you feel that you perform better and have more energy when you are wearing a confident, striking ensemble?

Miss Gold: I don’t think I perform better necessarily, but the audience naturally places a judgment on your appearance. With that being said, yes, when I wear something that represents Miss Gold, I naturally get more in the groove. I think the audience recognizes that and appreciates that.

Me: Are there any hidden treasures in Toronto that you shop at to find rare, unique pieces?

Miss Gold: There is this Asian style boutique store on Queen St W, near Tattoo Rock Parlour that always has the most amazing leggings. I also purchase a lot of unique items while I travel because I know they won’t be available here.

Me: Well thank you so much for all your time Melanie! I am definitely going to try to find this store and check out their leggings! I will be seeing you tonight at the Hard Rock. From all of us at the Fashion Studio, best of luck with your performance tonight.

Miss Gold: It’s been a pleasure. See you tonight!


I arrived at the venue early. I scoped out the scene and saw that all of Toronto’s fashionable downtown beauties were at the Hard Rock as well. I decided to take advantage of this opportunity and ask a few of them what their favourite fashion trend was for this season. Here is what they had to say:

Quinn: Feathered earrings and fake eyelashes!
Lauren: J Brand’s wax denim jeans.
Krista: Paige jeans’ vertigo jeggings.

(Note to self: Must buy all of the above items)

The crowd was excited, as fans, friends, and family of Miss Gold gathered at the Hard Rock to support Toronto’s future star. Melanie started the show with her hit song “INSANE”. The lyrics and melody were infectious as the crowd instantaneously grooved to the song.

Miss Gold rocked the stage with her daisy duke black shorts, leopard tank, skinny gold belt, bronze chained open toe heels, and with her best accessory of all, her strong harmonic voice. The consensus was out: guilty as charged! Melanie’s outfit was fashionably attention grabbing. Both her performance and her wardrobe shook the Hard Rock. I am definitely going to keep my eye on Miss Gold’s success and fashion style. You can check her out online at Miss Gold.

By Natalie Hemmati


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