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Press Release

Celebrity guest Nicole Richie will be joining the celebration to promote her brands Winter Kate and House of Harlow, which are both available for purchase at TNT. Other featured designers that will premiere their new concepts include Greta Constantine, Payne, Black Pug DMK, Camille De Dampierre, Cathy B Jewelry and Aries & Leander. Some of the featured designers are listed below along with a personal biography.

A native Californian, Nicole was born and raised in Los Angeles and has always had a fascination with creating her own look. Having always been surrounded by entertainers, costumes, and designers Nicole developed an appreciation for fashion at an early age. “Fashion gives you the ability to express yourself, your mood; it’s a creative outlet in many ways.” Which is one of the primary reasons the Winter Kate & House of Harlow 1960 collections were born.
I’ve always loved the possibility of being able to transform yourself through the way of dress.” This is the foundation for the Winter Kate & House of Harlow 1960 brands, where everyday dressing is an integral part of a person’s frame of mind. Nicole’s love and influence of costume dressing are apparent in the collections, whether incorporated in a print or manifested through a unique addition to a fabric or style, they are the essence of the Winter Kate & House of Harlow 1960 identity.
The lines launched in 2009, with Spring 2010 being the debut season. Nicole has been the creative force behind the brands since day one, immersing herself in every step of the brands’ creative and strategic decision-making process.
The Winter Kate & House of Harlow 1960 brands have evolved into full-fledged collections, offering ready-to-wear, jewelry, eyewear, footwear, and handbags. Since its inception, the collections have received rave reviews and tremendous celebrity following.

Greta Constantine is an accessible luxury line of ready-to-wear womenswear based in Toronto, Canada. Designers Kirk Pickersgill and Stephen Wong, considered the ‘jersey boys of Toronto’, have rapidly accumulated a clientele comprised of international socialites and celebrities alike. The label itself is derived from the combination of the name of Stephen’s mother, Greta, with that of Kirk’s grandfather, Constantine. Due the duo’s draping and design expertise paired with their knowledge of fashion forecasting, the two have been a creative and commercial success.

Black Pug - DMK: "Our vision is to bring back the “unappreciated” pieces of the past, whether they are furniture or clothing, we want to reclaim/rework each item to give it a new breath of life. Our idea is not removing the originality but instead enhancing it. Hopefully more opportunity will come, so that our label will be recognized."

Camille de Dampierre emerges as a fashion brand that fuses art, simplicity and feminism. The designer gets her inspiration from memories, journeys, experiences, shapes, personalities, attitudes and movements… absorbing the artistry that surrounds her with a fresh perspective and innovative approach.

Camille de Dampierre plays with contradiction : comfortable and sexy, informal and stylish, eternal but modern and creative, conventional but risky. The brand connects with the ambivalent mind of women and adapts to any time of the day.

Two sisters, Camille and Laurence get together enlightened with the idea of transforming their passion for creativity into a solid Universe. Camille, the designer who gives her name to the brand has a strong background in fashion having studied at Saint Martins (London), Studio Berçot (Paris) and at Istituto Marangoni (Milan). Laurence brings her business knowledge to the company. They live and work in Paris, in le Marais, preparing next collections…

Heather Payne is the visionary and creative force behind the PAYNE brand. Before creating PAYNE active wear, she enjoyed the good fortune of a career as a successful fashion model. She has walked the runways for top tier designers and appeared in a diverse range of advertising campaigns for brands from Gianfranco Ferre to Dolce & Gabbana. Her image has graced covers and editorials of international publications such as Vogue, ELle and Harper’s BAZAAR. Payne’s years behind the camera developed her into a fashion industry insider and style expert.

While traveling the globe for work, Payne soon realized that her career as a model had become alifestyle. She was on the go 24-7 and needed a brand that could keep up with her active pace. She discovered there was a gap in the market for high fashion clothes that performed. Her passion for original designs, great fi and superior quality led her to start building a brand that catered to her needs – and the PAYNE collection was born.

At the end of 2010, Payne teamed up with Jaya Apparel Group (formerly L’Koral Industries), the makers of standout lines such as Elizabeth & James and Patterson J. Kincaid, marking the company’s first foray into active wear. In 2011, PAYNE was launched nationwide, forever changing the way perfomance clothing both looked and functioned in women’s lives. Still an avid traveler, Payne was born in Toronto, Canada and has enjoyed living in New York City for 18 years.

Cathy Belzberg, of CATHY B JEWELRY has been in the world of fashion her whole life and has been fortunate to see the best of the best through her years of traveling. Based in Toronto, Cathy B made the decision some time ago to bring the best to Toronto to share with the fashion world. From a small studio in downtown Toronto Cathy B houses some of the world’s top designers of jewelry and accessories. Just recently the studio has expanded into custom made jewelry high on the list of priorities for fashionistas and will be presenting some of her collection for TNT shops. For the May 12th event, Cathy B will be selling her recent designs and allowing customers to “custom order” pieces suited to their colours, for Spring/Summer 2011.

Press release courtesy of TNT.

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