Sunday, September 18, 2011


By Eva Fydrych

from mid-August till mid-November 2011

Youth Employment Services YES has teamed up with Toronto Fashion Incubator (TFI) to create this amazing opportunity for youth to learn about entrepreneurship in the fashion industry.

Source: Graphic Design Word

Born from of a partnership between two cutting-edge organizations, Passion for Fashion marries Youth Employment Services YES’s expertise in youth entrepreneurship with the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s (TFI) success in inspiring new fashion design talent between the age of 16 – 29. Now in its third year, this exciting program gives young fashion designers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to explore the world of entrepreneurship in the fashion industry, for FREE!

Passion for Fashion participants will receive:
  • Workshops on starting your own fashion business
  • Workshops on developing a line, sales and marketing, and presentation
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Assistance in creating a business plan and building a portfolio
  • Opportunity to enter the Fashionista’s Den Competition to win $1000, a one-year membership to TFI and 50 hours of business advisory and fashion mentorship for free!

For more information contact Gail McInnes at or call 416-504-5516 ext. 268.
Source: YES

A great opportunity for young designers and everyone interested in starting their own business to learn more about the fashion industry. The workshops are interesting and informative. Run in the heart of Toronto's fashion district, they are easily accessible and have convenient late afternoon/early evening schedule.

Small groups, up-to-date information and useful materials to help you get started!


Official website: PASSION FOR FASHION

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