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Clozette Partners with Glam Media Japan
to Launch Japanese Fashion Social Network 

Japanese fashion (Photos courtesy of Zimbio and Getty Images)

Tokyo, 15th Dec 2011 – Clozette Pte Ltd and Glam Media Japan today launched Glam-Clozette, Japan’s version of the interactive portal targeted towards the fashion-forward female community. 

The fashion portal provides a platform where women can share fashion tips, pictures of fashion items or favourite looks and styles through a virtual closet and styling application.

Set up in Singapore in August 2010 by four digital media veterans, Clozette, today, attracts more than 85,000 monthly unique visitors and over 750,000 pageviews from users coming from more than 100 countries, with a high Asian concentration. 

Founder and Chief Executive of Clozette, Roger Yuen says, “Our aim is to establish Clozette as Asia’s most vibrant fashion portal, providing brands with a unique social media-driven experiential platform to engage the fashion community that at the same time generates unprecedented insights into the fashion world’s consumer preferences.” 

Integrated into the Glam Japan website, Glam-Clozette is operated by Glam Media Japan, a subsidiary of Glam Media, Inc., the second largest social media company in the world with more than 250 million monthly unique users and over 100,000 publishers. Glam Japan aims to deepen engagement with the local fashion community through Glam-Clozette. 

“We are excited to be a part of Clozette’s entry into the Japanese fashion community. The Clozette platform is complementary and compelling to Glam Japan’s audience” said Yuki Yamamura, Senior Vice President, Glam Media and CEO, Glam Japan, “Social media and digital engagement offer revolutionary ways for brands to reach diverse audiences and connect with increasingly fragmented consumers to build aspirational communities.” 

Glam-Clozette presents a new way to reach their audiences in Japan, employing the power of social media to bring buyers and sellers together, and allowing locals to tap upon fashion tastemakers in Japan and across the world.

About Clozette

Clozette is an image-centric Fashion Social Network that provides a virtual platform for fashion brands, retailers and designers to engage and interact with consumers. Driven by user-generated content, its high-engagement platform delivers insights and analytics about consumers' preferences and trends in the world of fashion & style. For more information, please visit

The main sections of Glam-Clozette:

  • Community: engage with likeminded individuals and get members' opinions by sharing closet beauties, exciting shopping finds, and dream-desired items. 
  • My Closet: your personal online closet helps keep track of your fashion items, create shopping lists and manage your look-book – your very own style journal. 
  • Looks & Styles: Upload Look-of-the-Day photos; add it to the Calendar to remember what you wore to special events. Create styles; plan outfits for that important job interview, birthday party or date night using your closet items.
Source: Clozette

Read an exclusive interview with Clozette's Creative Director
& Co-Founder: KERSIE KOH

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