Wednesday, January 11, 2012


By Eva Fydrych

'Butterfly Momma' show 

Fall/Winter 2011 collection shown during Hong Kong Fashion Week

Her name 'IKA' means “a thousand islands united as one”. Her designs allow others to get a glimpse of the rich Indonesian culture and beyond.

Below are the highlights of Fall/Winter 2011 collection by an Indonesian-born, Hong Kong based fashion designer Ika. We are looking forward to her show on 16th January during Hong Kong Fashion Week 2012.

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The creation of the world according to the folklore of the Miao people revolves around the myth of Butterfly Mother. Central among many mythical Ancestors, Butterfly Mother was impregnated by the froth of breaking waves, and laid twelve eggs upon the boughs of a sweet gum tree. Over the course of twelve years, the eggs would hatch into various animals of the zodiac, as well as a boy called JiangYang and his sister, considered the procreators of the human race. Consequently, the Miao people consider the butterfly the creator of all living things.

The Miao people also believe that everything, animate or inanimate, is "born", and possesses a spirit; be it the mountains, rivers, and creatures, as well as metals, plows, and drums. Because of this, it is common to find elements of their culture manifesting itself into the embroidery for bibs, handbags, hand-pleated skirts, leg wraps, headgear, and baby slings. Set upon a background of simple indigo dyed fabric using ancient techniques to treat the material to a point of glossy sheen, making the stunningly vibrant palette of the embroidery even more pronounced. 

Taking inspiration from Miao/Hmong culture and folklore, designer Mardiana Ika seeks to modernize these traditional fashions and bring them forward fully into the 21st century. Combining these age old techniques with contemporary trends in women's high fashion, we see the ancient myth of Butterfly Mother transcend into a chic Butterfly Momma.
Source: Ika Butoni

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