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A cocktail reception with Alex Prager and Lara Stone to celebrate the current Mercedes-Benz key visual 

Lara Stone arriving at the press conference during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin, 
19 January 2012. (Photo by Brauer Photos for Mercedes-Benz)

Under the banner Icons of Style the US photographer and filmmaker Alex Prager has caused quite a stir with her stunning images of the Dutch supermodel Lara Stone and the new Mercedes-Benz SL Roadster for the current Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week key visual and in a fashion film shot at the same time.

For Anders Sundt Jensen, Vice President Brand Communications Mercedes-Benz Cars, it was a huge pleasure to welcome the artist and the model in person to a cocktail reception in the Mercedes-Benz Lounge. 

In a short welcome speech Anders Sundt Jensen explained the theme of the new Mercedes-Benz Icons of Style campaign which triumphantly brings together the style icon Lara Stone, resplendent in a Calvin Klein Collection dress, with the Mercedes-Benz Roadster, a truly iconic car. The guests then had the opportunity to watch Alex Prager’s spectacular fashion film. The photographer and filmmaker, who derives inspiration from legends of cinema such as Alfred Hitchcock, Federico Fellini and David Lynch, provided a striking account of the film’s genesis. The scene is inspired by “The Wizard of Oz” and shows Lara Stone as a modern day version of Dorothy, who is carried off into the sky by a tornado.

Lara Stone (Photo by Brauer Photos for Mercedes-Benz)

The shooting of the film in the Los Angeles desert was a little adventure for all involved. Rain and a storm provided a naturally mysterious ambience but also posed a big challenge for all the protagonists. As Lara Stone also confirmed. Although she has struck countless poses over the course of her modelling career, being carried away by a tornado while suspended from wires was certainly a new experience for her too. At this informal event all the guests had the opportunity to chat to Alex Prager and Lara Stone in person and to ask questions.

While Lara Stone didn’t arrive in the capital until Thursday and came direct to the talk in the event venue, Alex Prager arrived earlier and had spent the morning with her sister touring Berlin. As a huge fan of Wim Wenders’ “Wings of Desire” the photographer and filmmaker was keen to see the film’s key locations, such as the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church, Potsdamer Platz and the Victory Column.

Alex Prager, Lara Stone und Anders Sundt Jensen (Photo by Brauer Photos for Mercedes-Benz)

Lara Stone interview in London for Mercedes-Benz TV:

Source: Mercedes-Benz TV

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