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Ilaria (All photos by Getty Images)

Lima, Peru - From April 23 to 28, the Peruvian producers of apparel, gifts and decoration will showcase their best designs to the world. The main goal of the event is to consolidate Lima as one of the great capitals of fashion and textile, gifts and decoration, thus positioning Peru in the international circuit of fairs and runways.

The fifteenth edition of PERU MODA (from April 26 to 28) is ready to receive more than 2,000 visitors from 30 countries interested in Peruvian apparel, jewelry, footwear and accessories, which outstand among the best for their quality designing and use of fine materials. It is expected that the most numerous delegation will come from the United States and Brazil.

Adolfo Domínguez

Sitka Semsch

Along with the commercial exhibition, the event will also include an academic section, the VIII Exports Forum, as well as the Young Creators to the World contest and runway shows; the latter serving as a powerful tool to show that Peru is capable of offering not only a full package textile production, but also novelty and attractive creations for high-end clients, including specialized segments such as fair trade, ethical trade, fine fibers (alpaca and vicuña), among others.

The runway show of the Fashion Week (from April 23 to 28) will be the complement of the fair. The international guest of this edition is the Spanish designer Adolfo Domínguez. Starting on Tuesday, the shows will display creations by the following Peruvian designers: Ana María Guiulfo, Andrea Llosa, Claudia Jiménez, Edward Venero, Fátima Arrieta, Gerardo Privat, Jorge Luis Salinas, Noe Bernacelli, Sitka Semsch and Sumy Kujón; and also the presentation of the brands Kuna, Ilaria and Jimena Mujica.

Fátima Arrieta

PERU GIFT SHOW, the international fair specialized in gift and decoration articles, is central part of the strategy aimed to internationalize the Peruvian culture and its outstanding ability to express it artistically. The event has also been conceived as an alternative to encourage social inclusion and to impulse the economic development of rural areas. The participating companies work through productive linkage with more than 1,000 workshops and artisans from all across Peru. The production that will take part in the exhibition includes traditional and contemporary ceramics, home textiles, wooden articles, fur, painted glass and vegetal fiber. 

PERU MODA, the Fashion Week and PERU GIFT SHOW are organized by the Peru Exports and Tourism Board (PROMPERÚ) through a strategic alliance with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Exporters Association (ADEX), the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL), the National Society of Industries (SNI), the Foreign Trade Association (COMEXPERU), the Peruvian Institute of Art Crafts (INPART) and ESV Producciones. 

Fátima Arrieta

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