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By Eva Fydrych

Organic Beauty for your hair

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Beautiful and healthy hair is the key to a great look. There are several factors that contribute to the quality of our hair including a well-balanced diet, healthy lifestyle, and the use of suitable hair products.

A well-balanced diet is the best way to keep your hair in top condition. Eat plenty of fruit and green leafy vegetables. The power of dark green veggies comes from being packed with vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and calcium. The vitamins are essential for sebum production, an oily substance secreted by your scalp that acts as a natural hair conditioner. Make sure your diet includes enough healthy omega-3 fats, which are found in salmon, oysters, soybeans, flaxseed oil, and walnuts. Hair is made of keratin, a form of protein, so don't skimp on protein-packed lean meats, fish, eggs, beans, and low-fat dairy products such as milk and fresh yogurt.

Avoid processed and canned foods. If you lead a busy life and don’t have time to cook, supplement your diet with the hair-building vitamins B6, B12, evening primrose oil, folic acid and a good multivitamin. Eliminate smoking, caffeine and fizzy drinks from your life – it will make your hair grow stronger and longer. Nutrition interventions take time; expect to show off new shine in about six months.

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Trimming our hair is the best way to rejuvenate its best qualities. This simple little task makes a tremendous difference to the overall health and appearance of your hair. Regular trimmings will stimulate growth, deplete dead-ends and considerably lessen the frizz.

Stress can have extremely adverse long-term effects on both the quality and the colour of your hair. Learn to manage your time well and keep mental pressure at a minimum level. In fact, stress is the number one cause of excessive hair loss. Regular exercise and meditation will help to keep your mind fresh and achieve the right balance. And last but not the least, get adequate amount of peaceful sleep.

Another important factor in keeping your locks beautiful is using the high quality products that are suitable for your hair type. Completely natural and 100% non-toxic hair products offer hydration, nutrition and stimulation to the scalp and hair.

Nourish & Strengthen

Photo courtesy of Bio a+o.e.

Bio a+o.e. is an Italian beauty brand specialising in organic hair care products. If you are looking for high performance cosmetics that are effective but healthy at the same time, you should definitely try something from their wide range.

Reinforcing BioWater, one of my favourite products, has a pleasant scent and is easy to use. It revives hair and leaves it smooth and shiny. You should apply it to the skin and along the length of the hair. For best results or if you have particularly weak hair, you can use it twice a day, together with a shampoo and conditioner from the same range.

The reinforcing range contains active vegetable ingredients that give great results for anyone with weak, frizzy hair that tends to fall out. Result: stronger and healthier looking hair.

One of the strengths of Bio a+o.e. products is the use of organically grown medicinal herbs from Italy that help to bring the hair and scalp back to their normal state, strengthen the hair and give it a glossy finish. The mixture of herbs chosen for each product represents the functional alternative to chemical substances.

Selected Bio a+o.e. products are available at the official website:

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Did you know?
  • A healthy head counts up to 100,000 individual hairs.
  • 90% of these hairs are growing. The remaining hair is in transitional or resting phase.
  • Daily, between 80 and 100 old hairs are shed.


  1. You will need to eat healthy foods with great amounts of nutrients. Junk food could cause hair loss due to the lack of nutrients. Relieve possible stress that you have. Stay fit and exercise at least every day. Wash your hair at least 3 days a week, without excessive shampoo use.

  2. Taking fitness classes nearby is not all you need to do, but you also need to change the way you think about exercise. This is the mental side of sticking to a fitness program. We often forget about the emotional side of staying fit. We can start with good intentions, but if we don't have the right mindset we will not be successful. Change the way you think about exercise into something that is positive and worthwhile and you will be successful. This is one of the most important tips that you need to follow to get and stay fit.

  3. Yes I agreed with you about Bio a+o.e. I personally using it myself and also for my parlor especial clients... its really helpful. My best salon barber John David forced me to use it once so when I use it first time I got shocked after seeing it's results. I wanna thanks to Bio a+o.e for amazing products...

  4. Well, I have read your post and wanna say you there are to many bio oils but I also personally recommend Bio a+o.e. Because I used it my self and got best results for my hairs....


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