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By Lisa Doherty

Take Five For Your Face 

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As a new mom, I realize now that there is little to no time to feel glamorous, however I also did not want to stop caring about my appearance and “let myself go”. So I had to figure out which makeup products could provide what I needed for the day quickly, and also what I couldn’t live without. Many factors came into play with this decision including, lack of sleep, only being able to use one hand, and of course the small window of time I had to apply makeup. So if you are a new mom, or missed your alarm this morning, or you simply just don’t want to take long to get ready in the morning. Here are some products that will give you a nice glow in a jiffy.

Concealer – The purpose of makeup for your skin is to cover up blemishes and even out skin tone. Concealer can do this quickly if you have the right shade on hand. Simply dab it over your blemishes and blend it into your skin. This way you don’t have to worry about covering up your whole face. A cream base concealer works best and don’t forget about yellow concealer to cover up those dark circles. 

Mascara – This is the product you need if you don’t have time to do the whole “shebang” when it comes to eye makeup. It provides colour and opens up the eye quickly. The best part about it is that, the less eye makeup you wear, the less layers of mascara you need to apply. A very dark black shade is best if mascara is the only eye product you are using.

Photo courtesy of Lure Beauty

Bronzer/Blush – Both are great products to use in order to give your face shape and provide the illusion of structured cheek bones. Simply brush a thin layer of either blush or bronzer under the cheek bone and move up to the temples. This is probably the quickest step in applying your makeup and instantly makes your face look thinner. Bright coloured blush is trendy right now, so don’t be shy, just make sure you blend blend blend! 

Moisturizer – Healthy skin is always nicely moisturized, so apply some to your entire face before applying any makeup product. Natural products are best as your moisturizer will be covering your whole face and will be providing a canvas for your cosmetics. 

So take five for your face! It will make you feel better, look fresh and save you time in your day to take care of the little things that really matter. 

Lisa Doherty 
Makeup Artist

Photo courtesy of Lisa Doherty


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