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By Lisa Doherty

Celebrity Inspired Makeup

Photos courtesy of Zimbio

Fashion and makeup trends are forever changing. In the early 2000s, false lashes emerged and were worn for more than just dance recitals. In 2010, the red lip made a comeback and last year hot pink seemed to be the colour of the summer. This season, colour blocking seems to be the new trend and I must say that I am loving it. All of these fashion trends are highly influenced by none other than Hollywood’s own, and makeup is any celebrity’s most important accessory. But how do tinsel town’s most beautiful people seem to appear flawless at every glance? Airbrushing and personal makeup artists come to mind, but there are also products that you can easily get your hands on that will give you that celebrity inspired look. 

Photo courtesy of Sephora

Airbrush foundation is probably the most popular item that celebrities now can’t live without. It gives a dewy, flawless complexion and is simple to use, and portable. Although expensive, airbrush applicators provide a more natural look and give your skin a healthy glow without having to re-apply your foundation throughout the day. They can be purchased online or at cosmetic stores including Sephora. But like any other makeup product, you must master the art of its application. Just as eyeliner takes many attempts before you achieve that perfect line, airbrush foundation application requires some training. This leads us to our next product liquid eye liner. 

Liquid eyeliner provides a vibrant, solid and dramatic look and can really make your eyes pop. Almost all red carpet celebrities use liquid liner, but again, it takes practice in order to master the art of the perfect line. It is recommended that liquid liner only be used on your top lash line as it can create too harsh of a line below the eye. Many liquid liners are water and sweat resistant, and they are a great foundation for false lashes, helping to hide your lash line.

Gisele Bundchen backstage before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (Photo by Mark Mainz)

False lashes provide a look that is both glamorous and sexy all in one. This is a great product for those who do not like to wear too much makeup as they create celebrity glam on their own. Some false lashes are more natural looking than others and create a more classic look. Pair these lashes up with a nude eye and a dramatic lip and you are set for a posh night out. 

For more celebrity inspired makeup advice: Follow Celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan on twitter @kdeenihan or Lisa Doherty @LisaDee1982.

Lisa Doherty 

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