Thursday, June 7, 2012


By Eva Fydrych

All photos courtesy of Ted Baker

London, UK - Ted Baker is opening a new Brompton Road store this Saturday, 9th June 2012.

Taking creative inspiration from surrounding areas, the store is designed around the 1851 Great Exhibition. Expect to find cash desks made from commemorative Queen Victoria crockery and golden statues of Big Ben; fitting rooms adorned with luxurious red carpet, bespoke printed wallpaper and interactive boxes; a sweeping marble staircase with bespoke bell jars displaying an array of Victorian objects and cabinet lined walls displaying Ted’s finest accessories.

Sample something from Ted’s Victorian themed British feast or strike a pose in his portrait studio. You might prefer to try your luck at unlocking a prize box, take a chance at winning £1,000 worth of clothing or even march with the brass band down the street. Let’s hope you find the time to do some shopping! The activity kicks off at midday.
Source: Ted Baker

Store opening hours:
10am – 8pm Saturday
12pm – 6pm Sunday

75 Brompton Road

Fashion Studio favourite:

Ted Baker Ronnie Purse 

Styling ideas:

Ted Baker Ronnie Purse in pink; ASOS peplum Top in black

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