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By Eva Fydrych


All photos by Ciro Meggiolaro, Marco Tinari / Allucinazione

Limited edition and Unlimited creativity 

Rome, Italy - LIMITED/UNLIMITED is the new creative project and brainchild promoted by Silvia Venturini Fendi for Altaroma: an exhibition-event that involves a group of young, talented fashion designers whose creations embody the theme of research and craftsmanship. Participating designers are invited to express their unlimited creativity through the creation of exclusive, limited edition garments. Unique pieces, garments, accessories or jewellery, targeted at a contemporary reinterpretation of the concept of couture. The creative vitality of each single designer thus becomes an inherent part of a new aesthetic trend.

Each edition of Limited/Unlimited envisages a theme serving as inspiration for the individual creations of each designer.


Minky Jaemin Ha (Photo by Ciro Meggiolaro, Marco Tinari / Allucinazione)

Marco De Vincenzo

Aoi Kotsuhiroi 

Andreia Chaves

Sandra Backlund

Mary Katrantzou

Aquilano Rimondi

Pierre Hardy

Sergio Zambon

Gareth Pugh

All photos by Ciro Meggiolaro, Marco Tinari / Allucinazione

Tiziano Guardini

Francesco Scognamiglio

Arnoldo Battois


Now in its Fifth edition, LIMITED/UNLIMITED is the project/showcase developed by Silvia Venturini Fendi to represent the new soul ofAltaroma. The event has been conceived as an international platform on which designers are given a chance to express their creativity in total freedom. This edition will be enriched by a partnership with two important international brands: Fendi and Valentino and further underscores the link between fashion and art.

The theme ‘SCULPTURAL’ will act as a guideline for the creative expressions which, each time, push the boundaries of reality and fantasy, transforming imagination into reality, dreams into Ç–berprecious, unique, unrepeatable objects. A selection of designers who envisage their fashion as if it were a living object designed to be adapted to the human body, at times driven by a desire to embellish or simply transform it. All items designed for the occasion are timeless “demi-couture”, accessories, shoewear and home-wear. A mood that blends to perfection with the monumental and architectural beauties of the city and the tradition of Altaroma of which it is an inherent part. The aim of this exhibition is to redefine the classic method of displaying statues and to play with the idea of creating a monumental installation.

Designers showcasing their items include: Ana Rajcevic, Andreia Chaves, Aoi Kotsuhiroi, Aquilano Raimondo, Arnoldo Battois, Cat Potter, Fendi, Francesco Scognamiglio, Gareth Pugh, Hellen Van Rees, Katsuya Kamo, Maison Michel, Marco De Vincenzo, Mary Katrantzou, Maurizio Galante Tal Lancman, Minky Ha, Mikita Mylon, Pierre Hardy, Roberto Capucci, Sandra Backlund, Sergio Zambon, Sylvio Giardina, Tiziano Guardini and Valentino.

Contemporary luxury lies in the choice of a material, a detail that takes shape at the skilled hand of an artisan and is conceived to last for a lifetime. The values underlying these objects are timeless; they are not contaminated by the laws of marketing which require specific, highly demanding manufacturing deadlines, trends that last for a season, beset by the ongoing, relentless rhythms dictated by fashion calendars.

Source: Altaroma

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