Thursday, July 12, 2012


By Eva Fydrych

Marcobologna (Photo by Raffaele Soccio / L.Sorrentino)

Rome, Italy - The eighth edition of Who is On Next?, a project of Altaroma and Vogue Italia, has announced its winners.

Women’s wear lablel Marcobologna, established by Marco Giugliano and Nicolò Bologna, emerged in the ready-to-wear category, and Giancarlo Petriglia in the handbags division. Women’s clothing brand Suzanne Susceptible, founded by a Korean designer Soojung Cha, won the special award. 


Alessia Xoccato

Barbara Casasola


Mario Chiarella

San Andrès Milano

Suzanne Susceptible

All photos by Raffaele Soccio / L.Sorrentino

Who is On Next? Not merely a contest but a true scouting project organized by Altaroma in collaboration with Vogue Italia whose aim is the scouting and promotion of young creative talents on the national and international fashion scene. A contest targeted specifically at those designers who already produce their own Made-in-Italy creations. The winners are judged by a prestigious, international jury consisting of industry members and authoritative players on the domestic market. Dedicated to women’s collections, in the clothing and accessories categories, in June, 2009, Pitti Immagine and L’Uomo Vogue joined forces to extend the opportunity of competition participation to the young designers of men’s clothing and accessories.
Source: Altaroma

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