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By Lisa Doherty

Beauty and the Brows

Mila Kunis (Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan)

It is well known that our eyebrows shape our face. Eyebrow perfection is the product of both nature and nurture. Sometimes, we are quick to jump into the newest trend, but this can often be disastrous. Thin brows may be in one year, and the next, everyone is sporting an ultra-natural look, and we all know it can take ages for the hair to grow back in. Many eyebrow gurus have devised plans for the three most common arches. Identify the one that most closely matches your own, then get grooming. 

High Arches 

Women with high arches have to be careful when it comes to plucking. Less is definitely more. A high arch that is too thin leaves too wide of a gap between the eyelid and the brow. This will make your eyes look hollow. After you pluck and you feel like your brows still look too bushy, you can use a pair of eyebrow scissors to control the hairs. Start by combing the hairs up at an angle towards the arch and snip just the tips. Finish with a clear gel to keep wayward hairs in place. A clear gel sets brows without adding too much drama.

Photo courtesy of Professional Eyebrow

Medium Arches 

These brows are the most flattering with a slightly elongated shape. Tweeze stray hairs that are directly underneath the highest part of your arch, but avoid pulling out any hairs above your natural brow line. This will flatten your shape. The best way to accentuate your arch is to slightly lengthen the tail end. To do this, use a thin angled brush to apply brow powder with short light strokes from the eyes’ inner corners to just past the ends. 

Low Arches 

Low arches require relatively little maintenance because the shape looks most natural with soft lines and imprecise edges. Tweeze only the hairs under your brow bone and above the bridge of your nose. Over-tweezing to try and create a larger arch will almost always disappoint, this can make your face look more “full”. Avoid brow gel since it can make the shape look overly stiff. Instead, opt for a waxy brow pencil or eye shadow to fill patches and give a soft hold. 

Photos courtesy of Getty Images, Shine and Zimbio

A general rule of thumb when tweezing your brows is to have the inner, thicker portion starting at the inner corner of the eye. The tail end of the brow should extend slightly past the outer corner. When you are filling in your eyebrows with colour, use small, light strokes. It is easier to add then to remove product. 

Lisa Doherty 
Makeup Artist


  1. Lisa Doherty is certainly a talented make up artist, you can tell by her work!
    The above scheme/drawing represent the common rule in eye makeup, very appreciated.

    A similar guideline for color shades here:
    It will be very helpful for all women.


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