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By Emily Victoria

Applying Self Tanner: Tricks for a Tan Face

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Sunless tanning is the least harmful option for your face, if you know the right tricks for a tan face. Try the best tips for applying self tanner to your face.

Avoid the aging of your skin and the risk of cancer than comes with sun tanning and get the right shade and glow with safer options. Applying self tanner to your face can be easy if you know all the right tricks for a tan face.

Choosing the right sunless tanning products is not always easy, so you should first try a bronzer made by your favorite cosmetics brand to avoid any unpleasant interaction with other products once you get the fake tan that suits you.

Applying Self Tanner: Preparing Your Skin

You should start preparing your skin for the fake tan the day before. Exfoliate your face, neck and any other areas you plan on using self-tanning products on. Once you're done, apply a deep moisturizer to your skin and you'll be ready for applying self tanner to your face the next day.

Don't use moisturizer before applying self tanner. Unfortunately, it can sheer down the tan. Cleanse your face well and get ready with the right product.

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Applying Self Tanner to Face Tips

You shouldn't apply the self tanner with your hands unless you plan on giving them a prolonged scrub to remove any traces of color. Use either rubber gloves or a small makeup sponge for the application.

If you want a natural look, start with the area that's usually the first to tan naturally, your t-zone. Don't use too much product when applying self tanner to your face at this point. Less is more and you can always use it again if you want a darker shade.

After covering your forehead and the bridge of your nose, start moving outwards to your cheeks and chin in quick moves. Once you've got that covered, do your jawline and continue with your neck and collarbone.

Blend your tanner well to avoid any obvious lines and work it into your hairline and over your ears to finish the look in a natural way.

Gabriela Bertante by Dirk Bader for Vogue India, May 2012 (Photo courtesy of Vogue)

Applying Self Tanner: Drying Tricks

Different brands of self tanner have different drying points. You can see the effects for some in as little as a few minutes, while other self tanners can take a few hours to get to the final shade. Wait another hour after the time mentioned on the bottle to make sure it's the final shade before adding any more product to your skin.

If you're going to be applying self tanner to face in a second coat, make sure it's a lot less than the first application since you probably don't want to be twice as dark.

Once everything is dried completely, you can apply your makeup and even use a touch of face bronzer on your cheekbones to enhance your look.

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  1. very usefull, sometimes it happens for me that i become a little tiger (meaning stripes here) after applying self tanner, so definitelly gone use these tips :)


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