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By Eva Fydrych

Korean Beauty Industry

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SEOUL - With some of the fastest-evolving skin care technology, spas and cosmetic lines in the world, South Korea is the ultimate beauty destination. Korean cosmetics are increasingly known as being good value for high quality products. They also become popular due to their unique ingredients such as ginseng, green tea, soybeans, snail extract or Jeju Island volcanic clay.

According to a government survey, the items tourists want to purchase the most while visiting are Korean beauty products. The South Korean cosmetics and skin care market has shown strong growth thanks to its ability to respond quickly to consumer needs. Today, Korean cosmetic market is 12th largest in the world.


Visit the busy streets of Gangnam and you will see plenty of beautiful Korean women. They always make a lot of effort to look pretty and stylish. It seems to be a part of the Korean lifestyle.

Korean girls spend a considerable amount of money on skin care products, especially on sunblocks and whitening creams. They know very well that too much sun exposure can promote premature skin aging. 

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In 2011, Marie Claire wrote that Korea is about 12 years ahead of the United States in terms of skin care technology. Many industry experts credit Korea as being the first to get on board with BB cream, a product that is a combination of tinted moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation and an overall makeup base. Now many high-end cosmetics brands such as Lancôme, Bobby Browns and Kiehl’s have developed their own BB creams.


Seoul International Cosmetic & Beauty Expo, popularly known as Cosmobeauty Seoul, is the largest trade event of Korea's beauty industry. Drawing hundreds of top-class participants and visitors, the event is the best meeting place of industry experts where they interact and build network facilitating commercial growth and economic benefit through discussions, business deals, marketing and many other activities like workshops and training sessions. This year's event takes place from 3 to 26 May 2013.

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"Experts cite Korea's crowded market and fastidious consumers as the driving forces behind the rise of Korean beauty industry. They say that while the crowdedness of the domestic market causes fierce competition, women consumers are fussy about selecting cosmetics because they are very interested in their appearance. The predominant obsession with physical appearance is considered a social problem but here is a boon for the beauty industry.

"The fact that Korean women are very interested in their skin is well-known even in China and Japan," said Seong Yoo-jin, a PR director of LG Household & Healthcare. "Asians who try to follow the skin care regimen or makeup techniques of Korean women are becoming major customers of Korean cosmetics brands," added Seong." (Source: Korea's Beauty Industry Soars in Asia - KOREA FOCUS)

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Fashion Studio Magazine has partnered up with WISHtrend - The Hub of Korean Beauty Secrets. Over the next couple of months, we will be bringing you the hottest beauty news from Korea, testing the latest makeup and skin care products, and sharing Korean beauty tips with you.

WHY WISHtrend?

WISHtrend was launched in 2011. The company's mission is "To Help You to Be More Beautiful". Through their website, WISHtrend shares Korean beauty secrets and recommends excellent cosmetic products that only Korean women are aware of.

WISHtrend doesn't sell the well-known, big Korean beauty brands. This is because there are many ways to buy them, such as through eBay, Amazon or their own stores outside of Korea. Instead, the company focuses on emerging and innovative brands that Korean women use to maintain their beauty.

WISHtrend is currently selling in 50 countries and has introduced 400 products from 30 brands. The company has more than 100,000 loyal customers. WISHtrend is seeing great progress in the market of U.S., France, Singapore and aiming to start websites in various foreign languages in the future.

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Stay tuned for exclusive Korean beauty secrets, product reviews and fantastic giveaways. Coming soon! :)

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