Tuesday, May 21, 2013


By Eva Fydrych

The Importance of Accessories

Photos courtesy of Elle, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar

Accessories will always play an important role in fashion. They not only compliment the look, but they are often used to express one's individuality.

These days when we attend fashion shows, we also carry a lot of technology gadgets with us. Tablets and smartphones help us stay connected, snap photos during the events, and update our social media websites on the spot. It is important that they are not only functional, but also look stylish and match our look.

Photo courtesy of Vogue


Crisp and refreshing whites seem to be great for the summertime. Snowy white gadgets are sleek, modern, and hip. They look ultra-chic combined with colourful handbags and jewellery (as on the main picture). 

The most simple way to get a desired look for your technology gadget is to use a trendy cover. For the lucky owners of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0, we have a great suggestion below. Minimalist white is never out of fashion!

Fashion Studio favourite:

'Frameless' Multi Angle Wallet Stand Case with 'Sleep Sensor' by LuvTab®
(Photo courtesy of Laptop Kit UK)

 What's great about it:

Slim style to fit easily in a bag.
When closed the front is also covered so that it can be used as a carry case.
Protects back and sides with complete access to all ports.
Fine quality construction.
Fashionable look.
Available in 5 different colours: Black, Carbon Black, White, Grey, Red.
Ultra secure magnetic closing.
Sleep / Wake Sensor - Opening the cover will wake up automatically and closing the cover will put the note to sleep.
Easy access to Note's functions and controls.
The case can be turned over to create a stand for use on a desk / table in order to watch movies etc.
Custom made only for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 - all versions.
Affordable price.

You can buy it here!

Samsung Brand Ambassador Bianca Gonzalez (Photo courtesy of Samsung Philippines)


  1. very cool,I like it and I like the Samsung Galaxy

  2. These are some fun accessories

    Love from jamaica


  3. Accessories are fashion's secret weapon! They add personality and flair to any outfit. This article nails the importance of accessories in making a style statement. Don't underestimate their power to transform your look!

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