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By Lynda Castonguay

Ageless Derma Anti-Aging Intensive Skin Brightener

Photo courtesy of Ageless Derma

When asked to test and review Ageless Derma’s Skin Brightener, my reaction was a zealous yes. A product whose aim is to brighten up my complexion? Send it over. No questions asked. When told I was testing and reviewing a skin brightener, a male friend’s reaction, however, was one of worry - “So, it’s going to bleach your face? Will you even still have your freckles two weeks from now? That doesn’t sound right to me”

A lot of men I know are vehement in their opinion that the beauty market is littered with products that do more damage than good and therefore perpetuate the further need for those products. As women, the individuals that use these products, we should be as skeptical, if not more, of them and get down to the basics of what the products are about. 

It is easy to be dizzied from all the scientific jargon when picking apart a product’s ingredient list. We mostly take it at face value because of that intimidation of not having a science brain and being able to wrap it around the terms. But if a product is going to dig deep into our skin and work its claimed “magic” in whatever ways it does, then we too should dig deeper under its surface to know them better.

My friends comments put me on an intelligent path to testing out Ageless Derma’s Skin Brightener. It started with research on the product and the ingredients and then it was followed by enacting the regimen of applying the Skin Brightener on a fresh face both morning and night.

Bearberry (Photo courtesy of detria)

The Power of 6

Ageless Derma’s Skin Brightener is a strong, healthy contender in the beauty market. A hugely important key to its appeal and success is the absence of hydroquinone, a toxic ingredient found in many skin brighteners; an ingredient banned in Europe and I know once proposed by the FDA to be banned in the United States, but I am uncertain if that is in effect. 

I have read, however that alpha-arbutin, an ingredient used in this brightener, apparently, when broken down, creates hydroquinone. It seems though that alpha-arbutin is arguably the lesser of the two evils.

All together, the power of the six main ingredients in the brightener have changed my complexion:

  • Alpha Arbutin: derived from the bush bearberry 
  • Belides: derives from daisies 
  • BV-OSC: form of vitamin C, protects DNA, and can effectively treat acne 
  • NET-DG: pulled from licorice roots, an anti-inflammatory, protects vital acid in the skin’s cells 
  • Niacinamide: anti-inflammatory, source of vitamin C, and can effectively treat acne. 
  • BioWhite: derived from plant extracts - white mulberry, scutellaria, saxifrage and grape extracts. 

White Daisy Flower (Photo courtesy of bhmpics)

Happily, I still have my distinct freckles and my overall complexion has brightened and become uniform. It took a heartfelt compliment from my boss and a process of elimination to take notice.

Initially, I attributed it to a new gentleman in my life. With a crush this hard, it had to have been the reason for this inexplicable glow. But he screwed me over - nothing more to see there - and still, my face was radiant. I then attributed it to having gotten some sun. I had been running a lot outside and figured I was sun kissed. But, Toronto became rainy afterwards and stayed so for a good bit. I halted my running outside routine. Still, I had a glow. I then had my eureka moment and picked up on how the Brightener was the only other change in my daily regimen. It had to have been that and it in fact was.

I have enjoyed this product tremendously. It is perfume free - crucial for those like me with sensitive and reactive skin. It is a light cream that spreads easily and neatly. It hydrates my skin after every wash and does not leave an oily residue on either my face or hands. In addition to my over all brightness in complexion, since using this product - make that a little over four weeks - I have noticed a significant and positive difference in this one deeply set wrinkle on my forehead. This said wrinkle has been bothering me for some time - one more sign of aging that I am not ready to embrace - but it is less noticeable now and I am over the moon !

Photo by Lynda Castonguay

I thought the reverse pump was pretty nifty - pressing downwards for the product to ease out at the top - and made things less messy for me. I doubt Ageless Derma was going for nifty, though. Their main aim was an airless pump to protect the ingredients from corrosion; unbeknownst to probably more than just me, natural ingredients are sensitive and can be damaged by air and sunlight. This type of pump also allows for the ingredients to remain active and stronger longer, giving the consumer longevity in their purchase. Ageless Derma’s Anti-aging Intensive Skin Brightener is truly a product that will go the distance for you !

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