Wednesday, December 18, 2013


By Lynda Castonguay

CUCINA: Fruits & Passion Kitchen Collection

Photo courtesy of Fruits & Passion

TORONTO - With the holidays just around the corner, the kitchen is transformed into a wonderful hot spot where parents, siblings, children, friends, and family pets gather in cheer. Whether you’re in it to bake or to cook - or to eat and drink - it is a place of merriness and sensory pleasure. So it’s no wonder Fruits & Passion was inspired to create a collection specific to this wonderful room. 

Appropriately named Cucina, Spanish for kitchen, this collection boasts soaps and creams made with ingredients straight from the kitchen itself. Packaged in a trio before me is a set of hand soap made with olive oil, regenerating hand cream and concentrated detergent with rosemary and cardamom with a slate plaque in tow on which the items sit.

Photo courtesy of Fruits & Passion (Click to enlarge)

They are sturdy items in glass jars with convenient hand pumps and pouring spouts. The rosemary cardamom combination is not too strong of a scent, but powerful enough to make you close your eyes and take in the scents. 

Aesthetically speaking, it is a wonderful addition to my kitchen. It is not only beautifully designed, but it also goes with my decor. Functionally speaking, it is again a wonderful addition to my kitchen. Having soap and cream stand sturdy when and where I need it the most has done wonders for my hands, especially as winter wreaks its havoc on my skin. 

Second to this package I have a large jar of Pinot Grigio / Olive oil hand soap. They had me at Pinot! 

Photo courtesy of Fruits & Passion

I can’t quite describe the smell but my best attempt is that it has traces of white wine, men’s cologne and a scent from my childhood. That isn’t the most descriptive picture, but I can tell you that it leaves a quiet and delicious scent that, to my content, lingers. If Olive Oil, Rosemary and Cardamom are not to your liking, the products also come in Coriander, Ginger and Sicilian Lemon, Orange and Fennel, to name a few - there are scents to please anyone’s nares.

The Cucina collection also boasts accessories such as the Isotherm Bag perfect for carrying bottles of wine and made to keep them at the right temperature. It has two bottle inserts, is sturdy as heck and has a thick carrying strap - a real bonus to avoid a drop and sticky clean up. On behalf of clumsy people everywhere, I thank you!

Photo courtesy of Fruits & Passion

As an added surprise I received three ornament sized containers of bath salts and foaming bath soap in orange cantaloup and pear peony. You want to talk about a scent that you wished was edible, it’s the orange cantaloup bath salts. It is like an entire orange field concentrated into one tiny bottle with traces of citrus candy while the pear peony has a more mature allure to it with hints of floral. Both are recommendatory depending on your tastes however. The size they come in is a perfect sample, so, lather up, soak in the salts, and smell for yourself which scent compliments you best.

Photo courtesy of Fruits & Passion

I have never been one to think of Fruits & Passion for anything other than body lotions and shower gels but it has a gamut of items that meet needs outside the realm of body hygiene. The Cucina collection was a welcomed surprise! To preview and purchase their items, please see:

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