Wednesday, April 9, 2014


By Lisa Doherty

Spring/Summer 2014 Trends

Photo courtesy of Styloko

As this never-ending winter finally comes to a close, many of us are looking forward to springing into summer fairly quickly. Applying new summer looks cannot come soon enough. So in light of the sun getting warmer and the days getting longer, why not pamper yourself with the latest beauty products. After all you owe it to yourself for enduring a harsh winter.

There are quite a few new trends hitting the runways, salons and stores this season. Some are recycled ideas from past decades, some are bold and some are classic with a new flare. This season caters to everyone including those who don’t like to wear too much makeup.

Dramatic eyebrows at Nicole Miller SS 2014 (Photo courtesy of MAC)

What’s hot for 2014?

Dramatic eyebrows: This has been a growing trend over the last year or so that has gotten mixed reviews. When done properly, a bold brow can change the overall look of your face for the better. It also allows the eye to pop, allowing for more simple options with liner and eyeshadow. 

Peach blush: Pink blush has always been a staple for makeup artists. After all, it flatters almost all facial features. Peach blush is making a dramatic debut into the makeup bags of models, celebrities and makeup artists. This shade is great if you want to shorten your makeup routine as it is a good buffer for wearing both blush and bronzer.

Peach blush at Dolce & Gabbana SS 2014 (Photo courtesy of D & G)

Face sculpting: No, I am not talking about going under the knife. Instead, strong contouring can change the shape of your face with some simple strokes of a brush. When contouring, be sure to use a matte bronzer and start light and build the colour up gradually. The last thing you want is for your face to appear dirty by applying too much product. But a dramatic line with some good blending works.

Bubble gum lips: A bright pink (yes, think 80’s) is coming back with a vengeance and looks amazing with all skin types and eye colours. It is especially pretty when your skin has a sunkissed glow, paired with a peachy coloured blush.

Bright pink lips (Photo courtesy of POPSUGAR)

The good news about all of the new makeup trends this year is that they are so very versatile. You can apply all of the above to a simple every day look, at work, a night out, or for a more formal event. 

Happy Summer!

Lisa Doherty 
Makeup Artist

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