Friday, April 11, 2014


By Eva Fydrych

Embrace Your Height

Estonian model Tiiu Kuik (6'2”) by Alexander Neumann (Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar Mexico)

Having worked in the fashion industry for a while, we noticed a couple of interesting things. One of them is how people perceive models and tall girls in general, and how they think 'their life is easy as everything looks good on them'.

Nothing could be further from the true. Taller women are faced with many problems when it comes to choosing the right outfits.

Clothes look good on you as long as they fit. And if you are over 5'9" it can sometimes be a real challenge. A common problem among tall girls is finding pants that are long enough and shirts / blazers / jackets with sleeves that actually cover your wrists.

So what's the solution? Shopping in the right places!

Photo courtesy of Long Elegant Legs

Doing our online research, we found Long Elegant Legs, a US-based fashion boutique founded by Tricia Kordalski and her husband in 1991. The company specializes in clothing for tall women and has some really fashionable items on offer. Below you can find a selection of our favourite looks, together with eight tips how to embrace your height and feel fabulous.

8 Styling Tips for Tall Girls:

  • Be proud of your tall model-like height! 

Your height is something that you should embrace because it makes you unique. Hold your shoulders back and strut your stuff with confidence. Because you will never blend in easily, you might as well be drop dead gorgeous.

  • Don’t be afraid to wear patterns and bold prints.

Mixed patterns and prints are one of the hottest trends for Spring/Summer 2014. We can't get enough of the animal print dress below. Stylish and feminine, it will look good both in the city and on the beach. For the colder days, you can pair it up with Ella jacket.

LEL Maxi Dress (Photo courtesy of Long Elegant Legs)

  • Show off your legs. 

Highlight your long legs with high heels. Wear a mini skirt. Invest in a great pair of shorts. 

  • Get a fabulous pair of blue jeans.

A truly stunning jeans that fit like they have been tailored exclusively for you are one of the most crucial pieces of every women's wardrobe. They are one of the clothing basics, suitable for many occasions, and perfect for those days when you don't want to spend too much time thinking what to wear.

Curvy Bootcut Jean (Photo courtesy of Long Elegant Legs)

  • Have fun with oversized handbags.

The handbag carries our life essentials and in a supersized bag you can fit everything you’ll ever need. This season most designers followed one rule when it comes to handbags: the bigger, the better. And you can definitely take advantage of this trend - what would be overwhelming on a petite woman, looks perfect on you!

  • Incorporate a pop of color into every outfit.

Color can not only draw attention to your favorite assets, but also add interest to your outfit and make you appear more confident. Recommended colors for Spring/Summer 2014 include red, orange, and fuchsia.

Blouson Dress (Photo courtesy of Long Elegant Legs)

  • Remember a couple of basics:

    Make sure you keep your proportions right (avoid high-waisted dresses that will make your upper body look too short). Stay away from any extremes: clothes that are too small or too loose / baggy (none of those looks is suitable for you if you are really tall). Avoid vertical stripes that can make you look too tall. Longer jackets will make you appear shorter. Accessories should be in scale with your height.

Polka Dot Top (Photo courtesy of Long Elegant Legs)

Useful Tip:

As many people tend to form their initial opinions by appearance, give them a taste of what they are looking for - the real you.  Develop a signature look by always wearing your favourite color or accessory.

Keep smiling - once you figure out what suits you, being tall is a great thing! :)

Street Style Inspiration:

Courtesy of, stylebythemodels,, Elle

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