Tuesday, January 6, 2015


By Lynda Castonguay

TRIWA’s Canadian Debut
Starts on a High Note

Photo courtesy of TRIWA

In and around 391 BC, when speaking about chemical affinity, Plato theorized “Likes tend toward likes”. Meant to explain his idea of attractive force in a realm entirely unrelated to fashion design and at a time far removed from this century, Plato unintentionally spoke words never more true of our current social landscape. 

In our world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, likes are a form of currency. Likes equal exposure. Exposure builds a wider audience and a wider audience translates into more opportunities. This is why Ben & Boule Trading and Sheek PR are completely on point by choosing eight of Toronto’s top fashion and style personalities to be brand ambassadors for their watch and accessory client, TRIWA. With a combined Twitter and Instagram following of almost 70,000, a single photo of a TRIWA watch can be seen, liked, retweeted and reposted faster than you can say transforming the industry of watches. 

To ring in the campaign, exclusive media joined the ambassadors for an afternoon of high tea and calorie bursting pastries at Portland Variety on King West. 

Photo by Lynda Castonguay (Click to enlarge)

To my left, freelance PR agent and former model Justin; to my right, Editorial Director of The Scene, Janelle Watkins, and perfectly aligned across from me were the ambassadors: Lance Chung, Amarsana Gendunova, Marcus Kan, Garrett Tonge, Sharad Mohan, Gracie Carroll, Ivy Chen and Elana Camille. 

Furbished in impeccable attire and donning their TRIWA watches, they didn’t waste any time before introducing the brand in the way that they know best... social media.

Photo by Lynda Castonguay

TRIWA was launched in 2007 by four friends in Sweden’s capital. Together they wanted to change the watch industry, one they felt was conventional and outdated. Their solution was instinctive: design what they themselves would wear.

“When something gets old and conservative it becomes predictable. To transform and adapt is a law of nature. That’s why we named ourselves TRIWA – Transforming the Industry of Watches. Forget golf, Formula 1, moon landings and status symbols. Our inspiration comes from the ever-changing world we live in, especially from contemporary art and design. Creativity and fun has overtaken tradition and heritage. When we create, we create for a very selected target audience, ourselves. Whether a piece gets made or not depends solely on whether we want to wear it or not.”

Luckily, their tastes resonate with the market. The end result is a continuous offering of “thoughtful juxtaposition of classic silhouettes, Swedish contemporary design and curated materials”. 

Their timepieces are refined and mature and their clean lines and smooth curves augment any look. They have classic appeal but with their modernity and originality, they are also relevant to the tastes of today’s buyer. All together, a TRIWA watch is well equipped to stand the test of time of your wardrobe.

For more information on the brand and the ambassadors, follow the links:


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