Monday, March 2, 2015


By Eva Fydrych

Pretty Romantic & Sexy Glam

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We all know that searching for the right prom dress requires a lot of patience and time. The ideal dress should not only suit your body type, but also match your personality and your fashion style.

The better you want to look, the more stressful and time-consuming the search becomes. That's why Fashion Studio Magazine partnered up with the online boutique - with our useful styling tips you will not only look fashionable, but also avoid blowing your budget. 

Top 3 tips for a successful prom look:

  • PLAN AHEAD - It is always better to prepare in advance and have peace of mind knowing that your dream dress is already hanging in your closet. Don't leave your shopping for the last minute!

  • BE YOURSELF - Make sure that you feel comfortable in everything you wear. Try to look good in a natural and instinctive way. That's sometimes more important that strictly following all the fashion rules. When your outfit is too forced, it looks like a fancy dress.

  • DETAILS! - Makeup, hair, and accessories can make or break the look. Don't forget to pay attention to details. Is your nail polish matching your outfit? Is your complexion looking radiant and healthy? How are you going to style your hair?

Choosing the Dress:

Have a look at our two styling suggestions below - Pretty Romantic & Sexy Glam - and choose the most suitable look for your prom night. For more fashion tips, please click here and here.

Look 1: Pretty Romantic

Champagne Prom Dress (Photo courtesy of

The champagne and cream dress (pictured above) is perfect for a trendy girl who appreciates style and quality. Both colours are delicate and very elegant. They make a fashion statement without being too aggressive.

This dress will look great with both silver and gold accessories.

Pearl Pink Prom Dress (Photo courtesy of

Simple and very girly, this pearl pink dress is easy to wear and you can accessorise it many different ways. Halterneck gives the dress an interesting flair. Try wearing it with a silver clutch and earrings for a classy and sophisticated evening look.

Look 2: Sexy Glam

Long Red Prom Dress (Photo courtesy of

Long red dress is sexy and feminine. Wear it with stiletto heels and an elegant evening purse. Choose this look when you want to attract attention and be remembered long after the party is over...

Long Red Prom Dress (Photo courtesy of

Wear it with:

  • silver or black accessories (high heels and simple clutch bag)
  • gold accessories (statement jewellery for even more striking effect)
  • don't forget about a special evening makeup to complete your look
  • wear this dress with lots of confidence and attitude

Have fun!

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