Sunday, March 29, 2015


By Lynda Castonguay

Melissa Nepton FW 2015

Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images (Click to enlarge)

Some people will tell you that you shouldn’t mix business with family. Melissa Nepton would likely agree to disagree with those some because for fall winter 2015 she collaborated with her sister Natasha, also a designer in her own right. 

Inspired by this idea of a romantic warrior the sisters offered up a balancing act of dainty and graceful with modern and strong in a palette of white, grey and black with drops of pink, citrus orange and peach.

Even with a second creative mind involved in the design process, Melissa remained cemented in her design philosophy: femininity and modernity, always.

This collection around, she achieved this with a mix of light and heavier weight fabrics, intertwined and placed together in ways that gave way to the comforts of colder months but not necessarily with the heaviness of those layers. Perforated black leather A-line skirts and dresses, flounce knee length knit dresses, plunging necklines worn overtop long sleeve sweaters with stand collars with center front neck slits, exaggerated pant cuffs, each of these were visions of their breed of the modern woman.

Melissa Nepton FW 2015 (Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images)

Dropped shoulder and waist lines made things comfortable and unconstrained and yet even some of the more fitted pieces felt the same, like the sleeveless armoured tops with padded and rounded shoulders. 

A triangular kaleidoscope jacquard in a black, white and pink was best explored in a voluminous pillowier coat with cut away oven mitt pockets, which actually looked like a comforter draped over the model’s shoulders. And their cut away pockets were quite vividly reminiscent of the mittens on a string children have looped through their coat sleeves.

The Montreal sisters closed their presentation with a handkerchief dress in grey and orange, a peach jump suit with grey panelling, and a cream and orange slouchy coat with wide sleeves. This was their ode to the spring that is upon us, but come this fall winter, will be in our rearview mirror.

Catwalk Highlights

Melissa Nepton FW 2015 (Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images)

Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images

Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images

Photos by George Pimentel / Getty Images (Click to enlarge)

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