Sunday, April 19, 2015


By Lynda Castonguay

TFI Does Brunch with Jenny Greco

Photos courtesy of Jenny Greco (Click to enlarge)

In my first post of this TFI series I mentioned that there was a commonality amongst the participating designers that seemed to thread them together and that was that they are each doing what they love. Jenny Greco was the first of the designers to remind me of this and that I wasn’t alone in leaving a practical path in life for the unknown of creativity. 

Before her jewelry line, there was science. Jenny Greco was a medical researcher. But she left the profession because as she will tell you, she “was totally turned off by the egos, the isolation and the rigidity of it all. And then [she] realized, [she] didn’t want to spend [her] whole life with a microscope and bacteria”. 

Jewelry was her escape. Jewelry was liberating. Jewelry was her love.

Totem collection (Photo courtesy of Jenny Greco)

Structure collection (Photo courtesy of Jenny Greco)

Ellipse collection (Photo courtesy of Jenny Greco)

It is out of her studio in the Distillery District where Jenny pokes, prods, bends, cuts, melts, welds, shapes and blends precious metals, natural stones and exotic woods to construct her clean collections. Her designs are thought provoking and inspired quite deeply by the world around her. Her Totem collection “calls for inner strength found in faraway woods”. Necklaces in her Pendulum collection are a “mediation-like piece [that] sits close to the heart and is one that [she] hopes inspires reflection of the beautiful person who owns it”.

Her pieces are clean and modest and as she explained, very exploratory of nature; literally, with volcanic rock necklaces and wood panel rings, and figuratively, with her Pierced collection of cuffs and earrings with hand cut representations of human cells; proving that you can take the woman out of science, but you can’t take the science out of the woman.

Pierced collection (Photo courtesy of Jenny Greco)

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