Thursday, September 3, 2015


Press Release

Vancouver Fashion Week

Vancouver Fashion Week FW 2014, Noe Bernacelli (Photo courtesy of Channel Van Media)

Vancouver Fashion Week returns for its 26th consecutive season featuring designers across the Globe from Sept. 28th – Oct. 4th 

VFW proudly announces their S/S16 season and will open its doors from September 28th to October 4th to designers, media, buyers, agents, and the general public to come and enjoy 7 days filled with fashion from around the globe.

Hailed as the West Coast's most prestigious industry event, Vancouver Fashion Week is recognized as a global platform for both established and emerging designers. Founded by producer Jamal Abdourahman in 2001, VFW has since been acclaimed worldwide as the fastest growing fashion week in the world and the only industry event that actively seeks to showcase International award-winning talent. 

With less than two months to go until the show, VFW already has over 70 different fashion designers confirmed and waiting to show off their new collections this season. Some of the most popular returning designers include Shravan Kumar, Green Embassy and local designers Eliza Faulkner and Alex S Yu. New Global designers also include:

Naoko Kuroishi: AMERI (Japan)
Canella Hostal: Cannella Hostal Couture (Dubai)
Viviano Sue: Viviano Sue (Japan) 
Jon Mikeo: JON MIKEO (Spain) 
Samuel Yeung: Samuel Yeung (Africa) 
Leanne Beckford: LEE REINA (UK) 

Photo courtesy of Samuel Yeung

Along with these designers, VFW brings together important partnerships from around the world and its own influential local community including Metro Show Vancouver who along with VFW are committed to fostering the growth of the fashion industry and celebrating the arts. Together, Metro Show Vancouver and VFW create a platform offering designers business, financial and mentoring tools they need to get their collections to the runway and onto the global stage. The partnerships VFW builds help bridge the gap and help build relationships between the designers and agencies to create an opportunity to engage the public and buyers. 

Vancouver Fashion Week will be releasing daily updates on new designers and can be found on both Facebook and Instagram.

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