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By Eva Fydrych

Forte Hotel Changhua
Chic accommodation & excellent dining 

Photos courtesy of Forte Hotel Group (Click to enlarge)

What makes a perfect trip? Interesting destination, great company, good weather, and - last but not least - comfortable accommodation. Thanks to Forte Hotel Group you can now experience hospitality at the world-class level in the heart of Changhua City, Taiwan.

"Forte Hotel Group management team has set up and been managing 9 hotels in Taipei, Yilan, Hsinchu, Taichung, Changhua, Kaohsiung with original Taiwan private branding to establish the professional image and reputation for a successful hotel chain." - forte-hotel.net

Not a very well-known tourist destination, Changhua is actually a great place to visit. Easily accessible by high-speed train from Taipei, the city offers a variety of attractions - from excellent dining and shopping options to amazing temples, parks, gardens, and outdoor activities.

In early November, Fashion Studio Magazine spent two wonderful nights at the stylish Forte Hotel Changhua which opened its doors to the public last year. 

Stylish design (Photo courtesy of Forte Hotel Group)

Hotel lobby (Photo courtesy of Forte Hotel Group)

Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

Trendy Accommodation

Spacious guest rooms are designed for both business and leisure travellers. They feature modern furniture and all necessary amenities. Room 910 offers a beautiful view of the city and has plenty of sunshine in the morning. An ergonomic office chair extends into the full lying position. How comfortable!

TV channel selection inludes StarWorld where you can catch popular TV series such as "America's Next Top Model", "Candidly Nicole", "Devious Maids" or "Ally McBeal".

And if you get bored of spending time in your room, there is a recreation centre located on the fifth floor (open everyday from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm).

Welcome to My Room!

Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

Photo courtesy of Forte Hotel Group

Photo courtesy of Forte Hotel Group

Trendy room keycard (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine) 

View of the city from room 910

Makeup mirror (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

Eye-catching colour and a fresh bergamot scent (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

Photo courtesy of Forte Hotel Group

Photo courtesy of Forte Hotel Group


Forte Hotel Changua offers a variety of dining optionsForteat Café & Deli, Canton Tea Alley, Baker's Corner, and YOYO Terrace. You will be spoiled for choice!

Breakfast buffet 

Served at Forteat Café & Deli from 7:00 to 10:00 am. Chef's Specials Menu includes Korean Kimchi - a traditional Korean dish made of seasoned vegetables and salt. Don't miss refreshing fruit and vegetable juice - it's a great way to kick off your morning!

In-room dining

Try delicious Fried Rice with Salmon and Spring Onion (NT$280).

Photos courtesy of Forte Hotel Group

Photos courtesy of Forte Hotel Group

Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine 

Tasty fruit & vegetable juice (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

Photo courtesy of Forte Hotel Group

About Changhua

Changhua City (彰化市) is the capital and political heart of Changhua County located in Central Taiwan. For many centuries the site was home to a settlement of Babuza people, a coastal tribe of Taiwanese aborigines. Today, the city is becoming more and more popular as a culinary destination

"Changhua is best known for its landmark statue of the Buddha. At 22 meters tall, the statue sits atop Bagua Mountain overlooking the city. The main walkway up to the giant is lined with statues of figures from Buddhist lore. Another site of interest is Taiwan's oldest temple honouring Confucius." - Wikipedia


Make sure you pick up "Fascinating Changhua" English guide (available at the tourist office) as it is a valuable source of information about Changhua County.

Local Attractions

Photos by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine (Click to enlarge)

What to See

Changhua Confucius Temple - first built in 1726 and completed in 1830; one of the oldest Confucian temples in Taiwan; southern architectural style of Ching dynasty; extraordinary masterpieces of dragon columns in Taiwan.

Mt. Bagua Buddha Scenic Area - beautiful location for watching the sunset; The Great Buddha statue, once the largest in South East Asia, is one of Changhua's most recognised landmarks.

Yongle Shopping District - something for the fashionistas; good prices and excellent selection of clothes from Taiwan, South Korea, and other Asian countries.

Ching-Cheng Night Market - a must-visit attraction; vibrant atmosphere, great food, and lots of trendy clothes & accessories.

Changhua Confucius Temple (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

Laughing Buddha sculpture at Mt. Bagua Buddha Scenic Area (Photo by Eva Fydrych)


"The Changhua County Government launched the YouBike public bicycle rental program to offer visitors a low-carbon, healthy, and leisurely alternative for visiting the county's main attractions. The system is optimised for those who arrive by train in order to make the most of convenient public transportation options.

YouBike rental and return stations are located at TRA Changhua (train) Station, major bus stops, schools, and designated scenic spots." - chcg.gov.tw

For more local attractions, click here and here.

Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine

What We Like

  • Convenient location
  • Spacious room
  • Trendy interior design
  • Amazing view of the city (room 910)
  • Large desk and ergonomic office chair
  • Delicious breakfast buffet
  • YOYO Terrace (handmade desserts & afternoon tea)
  • Business Centre located on the 10th floor
  • High-speed internet access
  • Modern lobby
  • Recreation centre (with a spa opening soon!)
  • Friendly staff
  • Hotel shuttle service (stylish & comfortable black car)

Photo courtesy of Forte Hotel Group


Forte Hotel Changhua is a 7-minute drive from Changhua Railway Station, an 8-minute drive from Bagua Mountain, and a 27-minute drive from Lugang Old Street.
Source: booking.com

There are several shopping and dining options within walking distance of the hotel. 

Photo courtesy of Google Maps (Click to enlarge)

No.20, Jianbao St.
Changhua City 50060
Taiwan, R.O.C

Tel: +886-4-712-5228

*Special thank you to Forte Hotel Group for hosting Fashion Studio Magazine in November 2015.

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