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Duty Calls
Workouts To Nail The Model-Off-Duty Look

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If you find yourself asking the golden question of “Why do models look good in anything?” when it comes to the model-off-duty look, you’re not alone. The casual and laid-back style looks simple because models just have the magical ability to match basics perfectly.

But as ironic as it sounds, the model-off-duty look is more than what meets the eye. Having basics in your wardrobe may be the right first step, but being able to truly walk the cool and suave look might require you to tone up certain parts of your body too.

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1. Midriff

For those who have a love-hate relationship with cropped tops due to flabby midriffs, rest assured you’re not a lone ranger. Models love flaunting their midriffs and waists, and they look so darn good before these body parts of theirs are trim. Now you don’t have to work towards defined abs before sporting that cute cropped sweater, but a lean midriff is definitely more pleasing on the eye than a flabby one. 

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Tone up your midriff and shape your waist by going for planks, side planks and the Hundred. These exercises train all parts of the abdominals, as well as improve core strength and endurance. For beginners, a good guide would be to start off with three sets of 20 seconds, before increasing the hold time to one minute.

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2. Thighs

If it’s anything that models absolutely love, it’s jeans. The skinnier, the better - and they’re able to fit into the skinniest of denim. Curses!

Fret not if every single stray calorie you take in goes to your thighs. Women, especially, tend to put on the chubs around their hips and thigh areas. And when you finally manage to pull on that pair of skinny jeans… You realise you look stumpy. There is, however, a multitude of thigh exercises to lose the excess thigh fats and you’re sure to find one of your choice. 

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The more popular ones would be squats and lunges. These workouts train the thigh areas by tensing the muscles. Complement your workout with dumbbells for an additional oomph to the fat loss session!

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3. Belly

Tight, figure-hugging bodycon dresses are also a classic favourites for models. For the common folk, bodycon dresses might however be a nightmare to wear, because of belly fat. Want to work that bodycon? Shed those flags!

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For rookies, try out the lunge twist, step hop and shot put to work off the belly fat. These moves also target other parts of your body like your butt and legs, which aren’t bad at all.

What other workouts do you recommend to get the model-off-duty look? Share them with us in the Comments section below!

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