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2016 Trend Rankings
Men's Top 5 Picks

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It’s time to bring you guys the latest on what’s trending out there this quarter! This time around, the guys seem to be all into clean-cut and timeless preppy styles, as our data revealed cropped chinos, fitted shirts and classic boat shoes as hot favorites among the guys.

1. Basic Shirt

Basic shirts are in this quarter, and we're not talking about just any old regular apparel. Think fitted short sleeve shirts with just the right amount of ease to look casual and effortlessly sharp. Don't be fooled by the word basic. The stylish guys know these shirts are key pieces and must-haves for their wardrobe.

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2. Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are a perfect combination of style, comfort and practicality, and it's no wonder it's another hot item with the guys this quarter! This versatile piece is perfect for styling with a basic t-shirt and jeans, or if you're aiming for a more dressed up look, a crisp white shirt and fitted pants. The classic type is the Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoes pictured below! One can never go wrong with this piece in your wardrobe.

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3. Short Sleeve Shirt

It seems there's some serious monkey business (and alliteration) going on with the guys this quarter! Short sleeve shirts are definitely the rage with them, but it seems the fun-loving boys of summer are also all for adding some playful edge and mischievousness in the form of monkey prints! Perhaps its is a cheeky way to usher in the year of the monkey?

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4. Chino Shorts

The versatility chinos offer in the style department make it a definite summer essential for all the style-conscious guys out there. This quarter, the gents are opting for chinos cropped above the knees. Pair them with a basic short sleeve shirt and canvas shoes for a casual day out, or dress to impress with a pair of polished leather loafers!

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5. Checked Shirt

Understated and timeless, checked shirts are another top pick with the guys! It's a simple and stylish wardrobe essential that adds just enough dimension and edge to a casual outfit any day. We think that's more than enough reason to add a couple to your wardrobe!

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Which is your favorite trend of this quarter? Let us know in the comments box below!

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