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By Nicole Noël

Vintage and Second Hand
as a New Fashion Trend

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In the last couple of years, we have become witnesses of vintage clothes becoming increasingly popular. They take us back to a time which is viewed, by many, as having more character and charm. These “roaring” decades have produced a design philosophy which has stood the test of time and is loved by many today. 

“Vintage” itself refers to a fashion style from 1920s to 1960s, and “retro”, on the other hand, evokes the period from the ‘60s onwards. All those decades are well represented today through many different styles - like boho for example. The hype reaches further than just clothes. It includes the hairstyles and the characteristic makeup, as well.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Noël

When old becomes new

“Vintage fashion” didn’t always mean what it means today. Before the mid-sixties, the idea of wearing someone else's shirt or a jacket wasn’t very popular. It was viewed as a necessity for those who couldn't afford new clothes. This all changed with the hippies - they took those old, dusty and forgotten clothes from the attic and started combining them with the new outfits. This set the bases to a style that we now refer to as “vintage fashion”. In time it has evolved into a form that is familiar to us today. 

Vintage clothing is so much more than just used clothes. It’s a statement, a method to communicate a certain way of life. The unique styles of Dita Von Teese, Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift, Winona Ryder, Drew Barrymore, Kate Moss and many others are promoting this style extensively. Movies and TV shows, like The 70’s show, Mad Man and Swingtown, for example, are, by depicting these past decades, a continuous source of inspiration for the people who are into this trend.

Kate Moss in one-shouldered vintage Halston gown, Cannes 2016 (Photo: Getty / VALERY HACHE)

Keep up with the trend

If you like fashion but lack the budget to support that passion, you should seek out a second-hand shop. Considering it won’t cost you a lot, you can have fun experimenting with garments from this or earlier decades. This may help you define a unique style of your own.

Second-hand shops offer you used but quality wardrobe for reasonable prices, often more than 50% less than the regular price. There you can find not only vintage pieces, but also some contemporary, branded clothes, which are often not even worn. People today often buy unnecessary things which they’ll never use. These pieces of clothing often end up in a second-hand store, so they, eventually, become useful to someone else. Buying this kind of clothes is also eco-friendly, because you're extending the life of a piece preventing unnecessary use of new fabric.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Noël

Vintage trend has not bypassed children’s fashion. Second-hand wardrobe is especially popular among moms with small kids. As they grow up so fast, there isn’t a lot of time for the kids to wear all the clothes that the parents buy, so among online second-hand shops, such as, you can find a great selection of good-quality and sometimes brand new pieces for much lower prices than the ones in the shops. Supporting this trend will save your money, help you avoid worrying about every stain or rip and ensure that your kids are looking great while carelessly playing outside.

How to achieve vintage, but modern look?

Simple, by combining modern trends with some special vintage details you find in a second-hand store. For example, classic, old blouse will get along with torn up jeans and a vintage dress with flat shoes. You contrast to your vintage outfit with a contemporary hairstyle, makeup or accessories. For a step further, try mixing different vintage eras.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Noël

Since nowadays fashion trends are often a reinterpretation of the good, old styles, if you want to keep up with the times it's a good idea to revisit the past. A good place to start is a second-hand store where you might just find what you are looking for or something completely new you never even considered before. Digging through a bunch of stuff at a second-hand store can be an adventure. Sometimes you’ll find nothing, but there is always a chance that you’ll score a Jackpot. Also, paying less than a half of a regular price will make you feel like a winner.

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