Thursday, August 4, 2016


By Eva Fydrych

Let's Relax!
It's a Meal. Not a Competition.

Photo courtesy of IKEA

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by social standards and expectations? Do you catch yourself wondering how other people manage to maintain their glamorous and trendy lifestyle featured daily on their social media accounts? Then read on...

We live in a world of lifestyle blogs, TV programs and cookbooks that are constantly raising the bar. Wherever we look we're bombarded with images of perfection. Social media unites and inspires, but can also set impossible standards. 

Not too long ago, when you closed the front door, you shut out the world. Home was a place where you could escape demands, kick back and truly be yourself. And according to the annual IKEA Life at Home Report, this is still what people want from their homes. But we are social too, and these days we socialise around the clock, sharing our lives and our homes with friends and even strangers. Socialising is great, but it brings with it constant comparison and expectations. These can be inspiring - or stress you out.

A little imperfect? - Let's relax! :)

Small kitchen? - No problem!

This is especially true around the kitchen and food. Just have a look at any Instagram or Facebook accounts showing perfectly looking dishes day after day... How are all these people managing to constantly serve delicious, nutritious, locally-sourced, seasonally-appropriate meals every day?

Truth is, they're not. So relax. No one is perfect, everyone "cheats" in the kitchen, and everyone does what they have to do to make life work. And that's OK.

Smart use of social media - Grandma over Skype (Photos courtesy of IKEA)

In the new film “Let’s relax”, IKEA wants to start a conversation about the expectations that make our lives unnecessarily demanding. IKEA wants to help people say "goodbye" to stress and "hello" to the joy of cooking, eating and being together.

"Goodbye" following fashion, “hello" whatever makes you happy. "Goodbye" the "right" way - "hello" your way.



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