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By ZALORA Community

The Fashion Anatomy of a Stylist

Photo courtesy ZALORA Community

This quarter we see a revival of dresses being a popular choice. It is all about comfort and being versatile this time. The top choices certainly can be transformed from day to night wear seamlessly!

Picnic Perfect in Florals

If you have to wear one pattern all year, it should be florals. These never go out of style! With avant garde designs you can look forward to alternative take on this beloved trend. This Floral Flare Dress is on an upward trend for we can expect more variations of it towards the end of the year. The silhouette is flattering on all body shapes which makes it a popular choice for women.

Photo courtesy ZALORA Community

Elegant in Lace

One cannot deny the appeal of lace dresses. With the resurgence of vintage influences, the Lace Dress is in high demand. So much so that we see traces of it in ethnic wear too! ZALIA marries regal with charm to create a memorable evening dress. This trend first burst onto the fashion scene at the start of the year and while it has been on a slow decline, it looks like it would be here to stay till the end of the year.

Basics Got Your Back

This quarter basics are highly sought after and it is no wonder as these are a fashionista’s bank canvas! You can go from bohemian babe to couture chick easily. It is no wonder that the Basic Highneck Dress and Basic Asymmetrical Dress topped the list!

Photo courtesy ZALORA Community

The Highneck Dress simply shows that the bodycon never dies. It is the bodycon’s chill younger sister. The casual details on it makes it a good choice as a back-to-school outfit. You can be assured that the high neck cut will be around till April as it is a must-have complement to summer styles.

Photo courtesy ZALORA Community

The Asymmetrical Dress is whimsical. With more people gearing towards minimalist fashion, this comes as a surprise. With a couple of events and holidays that took place in this quarter, people are looking for formal outfits to suit these events. Will we see it next quarter? Probably not.

Flats are Forever

Melissa Shoes feel like you are walking on clouds. Which is why they made the list as a highly sought after footwear! Flats are easy to pair with any ensemble and with Melissa flats, it is a worthy investment. With the Great Singapore Sale and massive savings on Melissa Shoes, it was a steal!

Melissa Shoes two-tone PVC flat

These were the few items that topped the list this quarter. While some items were a surprise, it is also worth noting that the favourite of the year, bomber jacket, did not make the cut. Could it be due to market saturation or a lack of innovative design of it?

Bomber Jacket by Gucci

Share with us YOUR thoughts on what outfits would make the cut for the next quarter in the comments section below. With Christmas coming up, could it be anything sequins-related?

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