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5 De-stressing Activities
To Do After Work

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Don’t you just wish there was a magic stick that you could use to get rid of all the daily stress that seems to continuously creep up on you? Unfortunately, the magic stick has to stay in the fairy tales, because there’s no magic trick that can make us de-stress without at least investing a little bit of our time and will power. But, we found 5 perfectly simple and good ways to de-stress after work which won’t take much of your time and aren’t super boring either! And the best part is, they don’t cost a dime. 

1. Get Stuck in the Reading World

This kind of getting stuck isn’t going to stress you out, we promise. Reading is a great way to de-stress after work. Remember that feeling when you pick up a good book and after 20 pages you’re so hooked you can’t break apart from it? That’s the best feeling in the world being because in a fictional world, completely relaxed and excluded from reality of your work place. Check out Haruki Murakami for the best novels!

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2. Go into Nature

Whether you want to exercise, take a short stroll or just sit and relax on a bench, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that you’re in nature. Breathe in fresh air and soak in the sounds and smells of nature. The greenery has a super-calming effect, especially if you’re stuck in a cubicle the entire day. 

Even if you take a 10-minute walk, you’ll feel re-energized and a lot less stressed. If you don’t have a park or any nature near you, try decorating your balcony or apartment with live plants, or even your favourite flower bouquet. There’s just something about the subtle smell and feel of live plants in your home that has a very calming effect on your entire being.

Beach near Havana, Cuba (Photo by Eva Fydrych / Fashion Studio Magazine)

3. Dance It Out

We’re not suggesting to hit the club every night, because after a few weeks of staying up late, you won’t even have a job! But, for some people music and dancing are therapeutic. Not only do you get to play your favourite music but dancing works just like exercise. Plus, in the comfort of your own home, nobody’s really watching so you can choreograph your after work dance however you like.

Or opt for dance classes and set a goal for yourself to master a choreography in 6 months. This is a well-deserved break from work, you get to meet new people and of course, shake your booty!

4. Take a Long Bath

We also believe that water has healing and soothing powers. A long shower or a warm bath will completely reduce stress, physically and mentally. Your tense body will unwind and the warm, tingly feeling is going to shut out all the outside noise and give your brain a chance to rest. 

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Better yet, drop some bath bombs (we recommend the ever popular Lush) make it a whole romantic event, even though you might be taking the bath alone. Light some candles, turn off the lights and listen to your favourite tunes.

5. Find Your Centre with Yoga

It’s about time you join the yoga squad. We can’t really stress enough (pun intended), how yoga is good both for your body and spirit. Take just ten minutes out of your busy schedule and shut off the outside noise. Find a quiet place where you can just stretch it out, concentrate on your breathing and forget about the entire. It only takes ten minutes to forget about your worries and re-energize for the rest of the day.

Eva Fydrych attending Yoga event - Lolë White Tour 2016 - in Toronto (Photo by Joel)

De-stressing after work is essential if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and be ready for the challenges of the day that’s before you. 

Every person is different, but it’s important to do trial and error and find what suits you. How do you relax after work? Share your tips!

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