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By Eva Fydrych

Royal Detoxifying Mask 
By Younique

Royal Detoxifying Mask (Photo courtesy of Younique)

Using a lot of skincare products has always been part of my beauty regimen, especially during fashion months - September and February - when life gets super busy and demanding. There are usually too many events (and parties!) to attend and not enough hours to get proper sleep or find time to visit a beauty salon.

That's why I was really happy when I got a chance to test Royal Detoxifying Mask by Younique and take it with me to London and Milan this year.

The mask is easy to apply and you can use it 2-3 times per week. It removes all impurities and gives the skin a healthy glow. It also provides oxygen to your skin to help retain high oxygen levels even after the mask is rinsed off.

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Elegant packaging in purple and gold looks really good on my bathroom shelf!


1. Cleanse your face.
2. Apply a generous amount of mask to moistened skin and allow to sit for five minutes.
3. Rinse thoroughly with water, massaging mask with fingers.

Watch Younique YouTube tutorial here.

"This bamboo charcoal mask absorbs toxins and impurities while reintroducing oxygen to your skin with a foaming, tingling sensation. The gentle exfoliating properties remove dead skin cells, and tree oils and vitamins help nourish and condition skin." - Younique

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Bamboo charcoal helps to absorb minerals, toxins, and impurities. It leaves skin looking smooth and radiant by exfoliating dead skin cells and revealing a new layer.

"Charcoal rids skin of all sorts of toxins, but those with oily and combination skin may be especially pleased with the ingredient's adsorption properties. When used in a skin mask or wash, charcoal amps up a product's ability to give skin a deep cleanse." - says Bustle, an online lifestyle magazine.

A stable derivative of vitamin A provides the benefits of retinol without the irritation. It is also responsible for nourishing and hydrating the skin and creating a more youthful appearance.

The benefits of vitamin A for the skin have been well-researched and proven to be effective. It is often used in beauty products to help fight and reverse the signs of skin ageing: wrinkles, age spots, and a dull, rough complexion.

Eva Fydrych attending Milan Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2017


Unlike many masks available on the market, Royal Detoxifying Mask does exactly what it says: it helps to achieve brighter, more youthful-looking skin just after a couple of applications. Highly recommended!


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