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The Best Beauty Tips for Flying

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If you’re a frequent flyer and a beauty junkie, you probably have a few tips up your sleeves and some trusted go-to beauty products to keep your skin in tiptop condition at all times. But for everyone else, it seems like we have to contend with cracked lips, peeling skin, puffy eyes, and a host of other skincare problems when travelling.

So we put a few top pieces of travel beauty advice to the test to see which ones work best. Here are five that we’ve narrowed down as your fail-proof tips to bear in mind when flying:

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate Some More

When flying, it is especially crucial to keep your body and skin moisturised because the air at such high altitudes is so dry it can cause peeling and cracking. Such a great look for your vacation pictures, right? To avoid flaky skin and a dull, tired complexion, make sure you drink plenty of water, not just that little cup that the flight attendant offers you. You need to drink at least 8 ounces per hour while traveling, so fill up an empty water bottle at the terminal before taking off.

For additional skin hydration, slather on your favorite moisturiser that helps to calm and rejuvenate. You can also freshen up periodically with a hydrating spray or mist that helps seal moisture in the skin.

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2. Choose Multi-Tasking Products

There are products that treat one specific problem, and there are those that pull double duty. When you’re travelling, you don’t exactly have the luxury of bringing your entire makeup cabinet along (unless, of course, you do). It is thus wise to pick your products carefully. Go for a tinted moisturiser with at least SPF15, or tinted lip balm to receive dual benefits from one product.

3. Protect those Puckers

In dry, pressurised air up in the sky, your lips can lose moisture — fast. To waylay this, pack a lip treatment in your carry-on bag and slather it liberally while traveling. Medicated lip balm is a flying must-have, because not only does it keep your lips hydrated while flying, it also doesn’t rub your lipstick off. Medicated lip balms also work in environments where the heat or air conditioning can cause lips to feel dehydrated.

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4. Banish Greasy/Frizzy Hair

Dry shampoo is your best friend when it comes to keeping your hair in its best condition while you’re travelling. Aside from cleaning and deodorising hair, it also adds volume, which helps when you’re going to countries with high humidity.

To fight frizz and tangles, always keep a wide-combed tooth or bristle brush in your carry-on. And never underestimate the ability of a great hat to disguise plane hair. A silk scarf is another chic way to tame flyaway strands (how Audrey Hepburn is that!) so wrap one around your head to make the dishevelled look less hobo and more stylish.

5. Reduce Puffy Eyes

The build up of fluid and blood under the eye area can lead to dark circles and puffy eyes — and since the skin there is so thin and delicate, these blemishes are easily noticed.

So when travelling, stow your trusty eye cream in your carry-on, or request for a cold compress to press over your eyes once you wake up from a nap. This helps to reduce swelling and wake up the skin around your eyes. You can also gently massage the around around your eyes to get blood circulation going.

What are some skincare woes you face when flying? What are some ways you counter them? Share your tips in the Comments section below!


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