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4 Most Successful Fashion Videos

Alicia Vikander in The Spirit of Travel (Photo courtesy of Louis Vuitton)

The world of fashion is very inviting – it’s all about prestige, glamour and luxury, and you cannot but want to be a part of it. What’s not tempting about being dressed in haute couture twenty-four/seven and enjoying in a delicious glass of overpriced champagne while you’re attending a gala?

Considering the fact that the majority of us won’t really get the chance to enjoy this lifestyle, with a couple of exceptions during our lifetime, it’s no wonder we get crazy about fashion videos. We get excited every time we watch them.

Let’s put reality aside for a while and enter the world of fashion and let’s go in through the big doors because there’s no other way – the next four videos will definitely show you how shiny this haute couture really is. 

73 Questions with Victoria Beckham

Photo courtesy of H. Clark

Trends come and go, but there are a few extraordinary people who are not affected by this and one of them is definitely Victoria Beckham. This fashion icon can’t be caught looking anything less than absolutely gorgeous.

This is more than obvious in a video done by Vogue, when she’s being her usual beautiful self while an interviewer is asking her questions – 73 of them to be exact. This is one of the rare opportunities when she speaks openly about her personal life, family, and her enthusiasm for fashion, so it’s definitely something you should take a look at.

100 Years of Fashion

Video courtesy of Mode

If you’re up for a journey through time and you’d like to see how fashion changed through the decades, this one is an absolute must see. “100 Years of Fashion” begins with the early stages of the twentieth century and a model showcasing the trend changes in terms of clothes, hairstyles and makeup for every following decade until we reach the modern age. 

The Postman Dreams

Photo courtesy of Prada

I’m sure you’ll be able to identify with this amusing character – Prada released a promo video involving one sleepy and clumsy postman who dozed off in the middle of his working hours and he daydreamed about having a Prada Saffiano bag in front of him instead of an ordinary package. Been there, done that. With excellent fashion videography, a story as simple as this one can become a masterpiece.

The Spirit of Travel – Louis Vuitton

Although it’s tough to decide, I believe this one is my favorite. “The Spirit of Travel” is created to seduce adventurers and remind them to be daring and spontaneous, to go to exotic locations, drive into the sunset and, of course – to look absolutely fabulous while doing that. With almost four million views, it’s obvious that I’m not the only one fond of this video.

Video courtesy of Louis Vuitton

These are just some of the most successful videos that I find exhilarating – once you enter this world, I’m sure you’ll spend quite some time browsing through the sea of videos. It’s obvious that every detail about them is carefully thought through, planned, and produced, which is exactly what makes them so valuable.

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