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By Nicole Noël

Fashionable Gift Ideas
for Wellness and Fitness Junkies

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Receiving gifts is wonderful but giving a thoughtful gift to a person you’re fond of can beat wonderful. Unfortunately, that’s often easier said than done, especially if you’re looking for a gift suitable for a fitness, wellness and fashion lover. The best thing you can do is to indulge their passions, so here are some of the most fashionable gifts for wellness and fitness junkies in your life.

A trend to follow – workleisure

The Workleisure trend is here to reconcile the irreconcilable – office-friendly dress code and fitness clothes. It’s like athleisure that you can wear to work. Comfy trousers, blazers, and dresses – now you can find clothes that are both work-appropriate and comfy enough, so if you have a friend who’s always on the move – workleisure pieces make a perfect gift.

Photo courtesy of Nicole Noël

Next-gen yoga retreats

Some of the best yoga gurus created a new kind of retreat where yoga aficionados can get a whole new experience of another culture – through healthy lifestyle, guided and monitored by professionals. It’s a new type of wellness getaway and a great way to relax without any distractions, so don’t hesitate to book this kind of travel arrangement for your yoga-loving friend. 

Leggings to channel their inner fashionista

Ask any fitness junkie and they’ll tell you the same – there’s no such thing as too much gym wear, especially when it comes to such versatile pieces such as leggings. Cut-out details, geometric lines, or subtle prints – you name it. Buy your friend trendy leggings to help them look stylish wherever they go and they’ll surely be thankful.

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Head-turning gym bag

A stylish gym bag is a must for every workout junkie, especially if you want to be noticed on your way to the gym. Besides being trendy, the perfect gym bag should be big enough to fit all workout gear and to have some kind of vent to keep the clothes fresh. You can go with classics, such as the duffel bag or a backpack, but a proper tote bag or weekender bag will do fine, too.

Proper fitness shoes

Buying fitness shoes for another person might be hard but the trick is in knowing what kind of sport your friend is into. If they are a jogger, get them flexible shoes with extra cushioning to handle greater impact. Bodybuilders, on the other hand, need hard soles for proper support and comfortable fit, so get them high-quality bodybuilding shoes to help them achieve peak performance.

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Juice-making gadget

Digestion takes up a lot of energy but light, liquid meals such as smoothies and juices require minimal digestion thus they make a perfect pre-workout meal. That’s why a good juicer is a must in every fitness and wellness junkie’s home. High-protein smoothies are good for muscle building while smoothies packed with anti-inflammatory ingredients help the muscles recover after the workout.

Trendy tech togs

Wearable devices can motivate even the biggest procrastinators – now imagine how precious they will be for your friend that’s already addicted to fitness. You can opt for a GPS running watch or you can take it to another level and provide your friend with a wearable tracker that counts their reps, measures heart rate, and actually tracks their workout. They’ll love it, there’s no doubt!

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The right yoga mat

For a yoga lover, there’s nothing worse that slipping and sliding while trying to get into some of the most complicated yoga poses. That’s why having a non-slip yoga mat is essential. So, if you know that your friend in in need of one, put that on your shopping list. Opt for a mat that provides optimal grip, cushion, and resiliency and be without fear that you’ll get the wrong present.

Getting the right present for a fitness and wellness junkie in your life takes some time and thinking but it can really pay off. The smile on their face when they get a considerate gift will be the best present for you!


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