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8 New Year’s Resolutions
Totally Worth Trying In 2017

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Many of us are guilty of setting resolutions that are out of reach.

This coming year, while everyone are pledging to popular resolutions like going to the gym, or eating less junk food, how about moving away from the norms and instead pursue a goal that is decidedly more realistic, and also more rewarding?

I am resolving to commit myself to more practical goals for a gratifying 2017. Rather than forcing myself to reach near-impossible targets that are bound to fail (just because adding them to my list make me feel good) I should rethink for myself. Here are 8 New Year’s resolutions totally worth going for in 2017, in my opinion.

1. Teach yourself something you never learned growing up

There’s nothing like learning something novel. That bicycle that you never learnt to ride because you feared falling down when you were a kid? Make it a priority in 2017. Grab a friend, head to the park and master cruising on a two-wheeled vehicle. Wished you have been braver in mastering swimming but the fear of water stopped you? Make it a priority in 2017. Nothing beats overcoming your fear or phobia of something that was once so frightening in your childhood.

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2. Spend an hour a day to learn about a topic

Alibaba’s founder, Jack Wu, swears that it is what you do after work that determines your future. Those 8 hours we spend at work are not sufficient to gain skills. If you found yourself not progressing in life, you cannot blame and put the responsibility on your company for not grooming you.

“If you spend one hour a day to learn about a topic, a year later, in this regard, the knowledge you gain will be more than 99.999% of the world’s people.” — Anthony Robbins

Start cultivating the habit to read and gain more knowledge.

3. Try new foods

Sticking to a particular cuisine or dish can be quite boring. One good thing about living in Singapore is that we can readily access food from different cultures. It could be exploring options that were previously under the radar. Experience exotic cuisines such as Mongolian or Argentinian. Find the taste of kimchi too overwhelming? There is actually a lot of health benefits in kimchi. Embrace food that you have previously steered away from. You would be forced to venture out of your comfort zone.

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4. Start a new tradition!

Do away with the usual yearly affairs that just seem predictable and routine. Come up with a new activity. Begin by brainstorming a list of the things that are important to your family. Grandma may be a fantastic cook. Uncle is a philanthropist. Sister-in-law loves to hit the malls.

To make yours go from an obligatory get-together to a fulfilling gathering, enhance them by adding a pre-event meal or a post-event charitable service. This will ensure that there is something for everyone. Voila, a new tradition is born.

5. Go on a solo trip

Pucker up the courage and take your maiden solo trip. It does not have to be a far flung destination. You might be surprised at how convenient it is to travel by yourself. You make the decisions yourself, such as what to eat, where to go, what to do. A lot of things on this trip would be firsts, making it all the more memorable yet scary at the same time. Even better, strike up a conversation with a stranger or make a new friend (just look out for creeps).

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6. Make it a point to celebrate the little things

We don’t express gratitude enough to the small things that happen in life. Someone held the door for you? Ordered the very last egg everything bagel?

You are owning the morning. As if it could not get any better, your phone battery managed to last the night till you got home. Be in awe, grateful, and exuberant about life’s little triumphs. You’ll end up feeling overwhelmingly more positive, and will be better equipped to take on the bad.

7. Cut down social media time

You know you need to consider spending less hours checking social media outlets when it is the last thing you do before bed and the first thing you do in the morning. Social media is increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives and taking the place of face-to-face interaction. I’m sure you have went to a social gathering where everyone was just occupied with their phones. Put your phone aside when meeting your friends or family. If we can spend a few hours a day swiping through Instagram or Facebook, we can afford to use an hour or two to interact and make real conversations, isn’t it?

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8. Spend more time with yourself

Introverts can relate to this because the way we recharge our batteries is having alone time. However, that does not mean extroverts should not spend time with themselves. They need to understand the beauty of doing so. It is in those moments when we are alone with ourselves that we can connect with the deep side of us. It is in those moments of silence and solitude that we discover who we are, become comfortable in our own skin, and truly get to understand ourselves.

What resolutions for 2017 have you got figured out? Let us know in the comments below! Heard of tricks to stay on track? Share them with us!

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