Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Press Release

Tribu Z
The first participative exhibition on the new creative generation

Photo courtesy of Joe Cruz

PARIS - Who's Next and Premiere Classe trade shows are creating and curating the public exhibition "Tribu Z": the first exhibition which puts the new creative female generation in the spotlight. In keeping with the recurring theme of their January edition, #GIRLSQUAD, the trade shows have decided to invite 50 collectives of women to participate in a live four day event.

The Japanese photographer Yasuhi Royokota will produce portraits of all of these women which they themselves will then rework live, under the direction of the artist Joe Cruz.

Via the trade shows social media platforms, you will be able to watch the live creation of over 100 works of art.

The exhibition will be available for all to see from April 2017 when it will be on show in four boutiques in Paris, before being displayed in other outposts in the Paris region.

Photo courtesy of Joe Cruz

About The Artist

Born in in North London in 1988, Joe Cruz comes from a cosmopolitan background, with roots in Spain, France, Austria and England. His work is described as a study of beauty charged with emotions. His passion for art history is reflected in his work; which often references renaissance subjects and abstract influences. Cruz combines practical methods with low-tech materials to create an overall energetic, primitive and striking effect. His works share the main running themes of unity, acceptance and respect, which he consolidates with the use of daring colors.

Photo courtesy of Who's Next (Click to enlarge)

Who's Next: 20th to 23rd Jan 2017 at Porte de Versailles, Paris


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