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By Eva Fydrych

Antonella Caggianiello
My Legwear Shop

Photo courtesy of My Legwear Shop

As the well-loved athleisure trend is showing no signs of stopping, Fashion Studio Magazine talks with Antonella Caggianiello, the founder of My Legwear Shopa one-stop destination for all things leggings.

Find out why every woman should own a selection of stylish legwear and what pieces we are adding to our Spring/Summer 2017 wardrobe right now!

FASHION STUDIO: When did you start your fashion company and what makes it different from other online stores? 

ANTONELLA: My Legwear Shop was launched on April 1st 2015 and is approaching our 2nd year anniversary! Its no surprise that there has been a rise of online shopping as the convenience is right at your fingertips. So why legwear you ask? The idea was driven by my own desire to feel comfortable at all times whether I was at work, home, the gym or running errands with my kids. When it comes to getting myself ready and geared up for the day, grabbing a pair of pants (whether they were dress pants, leggings or yoga pants), was my preference on a daily basis. As a working woman and busy mom, it was comfort over and above anything else. But let’s face it, when we think of comfort, we think “frumpy” and it doesn’t have to be! So I was on a mission to find stylish, trendy and classic pieces with these conditions in mind… comfort and quality without breaking the bank.

Our core principle is "CCC" (Comfort, Confidence and Convenience). We shouldn't have to compromise "comfort" to look our very best and most importantly, feel "confident" in our own skin. The convenience is available at the tip of your fingers offering you mobile and secure online shopping for all your legwear needs. Customers can contact me if they have questions on sizing and fit or material and use me as their own personal shopper!

Photo courtesy of My Legwear Shop

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe your typical client? Who is My Legwear Shop for? 

ANTONELLA: Typical customer will consist of the busy woman of this day and age who has embraced althleisure into their lifestyle. Women desire to feel comfortable and are looking for fashion forward pieces which must be versatile enough to wear to work out or meet friends at a cafe. 

FASHION STUDIO: Why every woman should own a selection of leggings?

ANTONELLA: Leggings are extremely comfortable and forgiving. There are so many different varieties of leggings that you can embrace them for virtually for every aspect of your life whether its for your active lifestyle, leisure wear or evening wear. My Legwear Shop carries a variety of leggings for all purposes such as printed, solid, jeggings, treggings, hosiery, and even dressier pieces which incorporate lace and faux leather! We also carry a selection of leggings for girls and matching Mommy & Me Leggings. Our very own althleisure brand Slymwear is proudly made in Canada.

FASHION STUDIO: What are your favourite pieces for Spring/Summer 2017?

ANTONELLA: I am so excited to see more colour, florals and lace being embraced into the season! As women we can never have too many black leggings but it's OK to step out of your comfort zone and embrace some colour into our outfits by adding some prints and bright shades into our wardrobe. 

Have a favourite summer dress? Add a pair of cropped or capri printed leggings in a complementary colour to pop it! Or try on a pair of floral printed leggings and have fun with it by adding your favourite tunic or blouse and comfy flats. Girls just gotta have fun mixing and matching.

Photo courtesy of My Legwear Shop

Photo courtesy of My Legwear Shop

FASHION STUDIO: How would you describe your typical day at My Legwear Shop?

ANTONELLA: Typical day consists of scoping for trends and staying up to date with the fashion and ecommerce industries alongside answering customer enquiries and coming up with exciting content to share on our blog and social media channels. 

FASHION STUDIO: What is your biggest challenge in running your own company?

ANTONELLA: As a sole business owner, I have learned how to multitask and embrace new skills. I have to be the social media manager, graphic designer, customer service manager, inventory manager and the list goes on! So its very important to me to maintain a schedule to be able to do all these tasks so I can still have a balanced personal life. Scheduling is very important! 

FASHION STUDIO: What do you consider your biggest success so far?

ANTONELLA: We just launched our second site in US dollar to service the US and international markets. Our goal is to help inspire women in confidence and comfort. By far the most rewarding experience has been hearing from our customers and how we helped them feel and look their best. 

FASHION STUDIO: Could you tell us more about your future plans? What is your ultimate goal for My Legwear Shop?

ANTONELLA: Our next goal is to continue to reach out to Canadian and US market as a one stop shop for all your legwear needs. We are also looking to expand our athleisure brand to include pieces such as jeggings and shapewear.

FASHION STUDIO: Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us and good luck with developing your brand!

Photos courtesy of My Legwear Shop

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